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Revealing a great way to play blackjack from the experts


One of the oldest and most popular card games in Vietnam is blackjack. However, in reality, there are many people who do not know the standards how to play blackjack. Understanding how to play and the rules of the game determines up to 80% of your chances of winning. Join New888 to continue reading the content below to understand  how to play blackjack .

Some key information about Blackjack

Blackjack is a famous card game in Vietnam played on a 52-card Western deck. Only 2 people are needed to start the game, in which each player will receive 2 random cards. The main goal is to reach 21 points or as close to 21 as possible to win.

Usually there will be one person in charge, this person will take on the role of dealer, review the cards and share the bet if you win. About how to play blackjack  It’s quite simple so almost any age group can participate. Especially during holidays, not having Blackjack is a big mistake.

Terms used in Blackjack

In any game, understanding the terms is very important and necessary. Below are some terms that have been compiled by New88 that you can refer to:

  • Bookie: is the person who stands up to take on the role of bookie. They are the ones who deal the cards, review the people’s cards, take bets if your family loses and share bets if your family wins.
  • Family: These are the people participating in the blackjack game
  • Reviewing cards: This is the dealer’s action, they have the right to review or not review the cards
  • Picking cards: This is the term for the act of drawing more cards
  • Stop: If you feel your cards have enough safe points and don’t want to draw more, you can stop
  • Dang: With the first 2 cards, if you have enough points, you don’t need to capture any more cards
  • Blackjack: This is the case where in the first two cards there is a card worth 10 along with an Ace. For example, the case of blackjack is J of hearts and Ace of spades.
  • Bet: This is when the player or dealer has the total number of cards in their hand greater than 21
  • Sleeping Spirit: This is the case where you own 5 cards and their total score is not equal to or less than 21
  • Blackjack: The largest deck of cards in the game Blackjack. This is the term used to refer to the first two cards, which are both aces.

Details on how to play the most basic Blackjack for new players

In general, according to many gamers’ reviews, Blackjack is not too difficult. Players just need to read the information carefully and learn the rules of each bookmaker to bet safely.

 how to play blackjack  is easy to understand

The way to play traditional Blackjack or at the New88 homepage is quite similar. In a casino, at least 2 people are needed to start the game. Any player will take the lead, then the dealer will use a deck of 52 cards and divide them into each house as follows:

  • The dealer will deal 2 cards to each player counterclockwise
  • With those first 2 cards, you can choose to play or draw as you wish (maximum 5 cards).

The main goal is to reach the number 21 and not exceed 21. However, cases close to 21 points can also win if the house has the highest score.

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Rules for turns in blackjack

In how to play blackjack Understanding the rules about turns is also extremely important.

  • On the player’s side

In the first turn: Each player is randomly dealt 2 cards and the remaining cards are placed in the middle as stakes. In the second turn, the player draws the third card (if the card reaches the desired score). The player can draw up to 3 more cards, note that when it exceeds 21, you will be kicked.

  • On the dealer’s side

When all the players have finished playing their cards, it will be the dealer’s turn to pick their cards. Accordingly, the house only needs to reach 15 points to be able to consider the cards of other houses.

The house will win if it falls into one in case the player’s total score is greater than the house. If both sides have the same score, it is considered a tie. If the total score is greater than 21, it will be considered a bet and no points will be counted.

The lawCalculate points in Blackjack very accurately

About how to play blackjack  Quite simple, but to be sure during the game you need to clearly understand how to calculate card points:

  • Cards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 will receive points corresponding to the number of buttons.
  • Western cards J, Q, K and 10 of a kind receive a score of 10
  • Card A will be counted as 10 or 11 points if you own 2 or 3 cards. For 4 or 5 cards, the A will correspond to point 1.


Thus, the above article has compiled detailed data about how to play blackjack . Before starting a game, make sure you clearly understand the rules of the game. If you are wondering which reputable address to choose to play blackjack, try bookmaker New88 to experience it.

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