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Reviewing the P365 Tacpac Holster : Here’s What We Thought


When you buy a Sig Sauer P365 Tacpac, you get a bit extra over and above when just buying the standard handgun.

One of the extra elements you get is a holster, so in order to see the true wisdom of the extra cost involved, we thought we’d do a little review on it. 

The Swiss manufacturer decided to commission a company called Blackpoint to create these holsters, primarily as it’s not their field of expertise. They wanted to offer a holster that provides the same level of quality as the handgun itself. By reading on, you’ll discover whether this is something they achieved.

How It Feels in the Hand

Being made from the quality material that is Kydex, it feels reassuringly solid in the hand, without being weighty. It features a claw that ensures the gun stays close to you during concealed carry, as well as a belt clip that holds everything in place.

The clip is a great little feature, as it’s able to hold this P365 Tacpac holster in place solidly, with no fear of it slipping down or round. It’s even fine for those with large belts. 

How It Fits the Gun 

In addition to this snug fit, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the holster fitted the gun like a glove, with a nice reassuring click telling you that it’s seated properly. 

What’s more, it doesn’t scratch the gun, no matter how many times you take it out and slide it back in again. Sure, this could still happen over time, but having carried out the action dozens of times, there wasn’t a mark made that we could see.

No Accidental Firing in the Pocket

Something else we loved about the P365 Tacpac holster is its design, which even has a little groove to take account of the fact that the safety is most often going to be on. 

Also, the holster covers pretty much the entire handgun, aside from the handle. The trigger is fully housed, meaning that there’s zero chance of you accidentally shooting yourself in the leg!

Using the Holster for Concealed Carry 

As a small gun, the P365 is often used for concealed carry purposes and this great holster is perfect for that kind of use. Even when wearing just a T-shirt, it’s pretty much invisibly secreted away on the belt.

The snug fit isn’t a problem either, as it does nothing to obstruct you from taking it out quickly in those emergency self-defense situations. You can even open carry it – if the law in your state allows it – by clipping into your pocket, but that’s entirely up to you.

All In All – The P365 Tacpac Holster Is Worth Having

With everything considered, the extra dollars you’ll pay for buying the Tacpac rather than the base handgun are absolutely worth it, as the holster you get with it makes concealed carry easy.

So, if you’re deliberating whether to invest in one yourself, for all the reasons we’ve mentioned, it’s something we’d recommend. Sure, there are other P365 holsters on the market, but this one has Sig Sauer’s quality all over it and it’s perfectly designed too.

It’s one that absolutely gets our vote and that’s not something we say lightly. Of course, if you’re using your P365 for home defense and it’s not being regularly carried, that’s another matter, but if you are – it’s something of a no-brainer.

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