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There are many bars where you can enjoy uniquely flavoured cocktails, they are using a number of tinctures and distillates to add accents of flavour to their drinks.How this is achieved, all you need is a mini rotary evaporator.

Molecular bartending is popular all over the world. It uses a mini rotary evaporator to modulate the taste of cocktails.Its basic principle is to extract the ingredients from fruits, petals or other materials through a rotary evaporator at room temperature, so as to modulate the aroma, taste and color of the cocktail.The entire extraction process is carried out at room temperature, so the natural ingredients and taste of the material can be preserved to the greatest extent, thereby enhancing the taste of the cocktail.

The principle of molecular bartending technology:

First of all, molecular bartending requires a rotary evaporator,Rotary evaporator is a kind of distillation and extraction equipment, which can distill ethanol at normal temperature.Molecular bartending technology uses this feature to extract natural ingredients from fruits, petals and other materials to adjust the aroma, taste and color of cocktails.

Why do bartenders like to mix drinks with rotary evaporators?

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Some high-end cocktail bars around the world, and even some spirits brands, like to use a mini rotary evaporator to prepare cocktail ingredients through vacuum distillation.Originally a laboratory instrument, the rotary evaporator is also frequently used in pharmaceuticals and chemicals.Now bartenders are using the tool’s culinary application to distill and extract beverage ingredients, finding that it produces better tasting cocktails, which is why it’s being used.

The traditional way of purifying liquid by distillation is by heating the liquid to evaporate and then cooling it with a condenser。The rotary evaporator is another way. The rotary evaporator works under vacuum conditions, which reduces the pressure of the sample environment, thereby lowering the boiling point。”Unlike standard distillation, with a rotary evaporator, contaminants are reduced,” said Dave Arnold, a culinary technologist in New York City.Rotary evaporation technology can achieve the natural taste of raw materials that traditional distillation cannot.In culinary applications, chefs often use rotary evaporators to harvest the solid portion of ingredients, while molecular bartenders are more interested in extracting evaporated solvents.

The steps of molecular bartending:

1) Pour the prepared wine into the flask.

2) Pour the wine from the flask into the spinner.

3) Pour water into the water bath, start the rotary evaporator, and heat up.

4) Start the circulating water vacuum pump and vacuumize.

5) Start the low temperature coolant circulation pump.

6) The solution begins to evaporate slowly, and the gas gradually enters the condensation chamber upward.

7) The condenser coil begins to cool the gas, turning it back into a liquid.

8) Collect the liquid with a collection bottle.

How to choose a rotary evaporator for molecular bartending?

British Stephenson company (Aske Stephenson) is the world’s leading alcoholic beverage manufacturer, and they are also experts in handcrafted cocktails, good at using scientific instruments to create some new and unique or distinctive mixed flavor cocktails, they often use rotating Evaporator pre-mixed cocktails.

RE-201D Rotary Evaporator

RE-201D rotary evaporator is a small volume, small capacity rotary evaporator, the capacity is 2L, it needs to be equipped with circulating water vacuum pump and low temperature coolant circulating pump to operate.It is heated by a water bath (oil bath) and extracted by distillation under negative pressure.The RE-201D Rotary Evaporator is characterized by its small size, does not occupy space, and is relatively inexpensive. It is also a commonly used tool for chemical, pharmaceutical, university and laboratory research.

R-1050 Rotary Evaporator

The R-1050 rotary evaporator is a large-volume, high-capacity rotary evaporator, which is much larger than the RE-201D rotary evaporator.Its capacity is 50L, which is dozens of times that of RE-201D.Similarly, you also need to be equipped with supporting equipment such as circulating water vacuum pumps and cooling chiller.The R-1050 rotary evaporator is characterized by a large capacity, so a single distillation extraction is large. If you have a relatively large amount of wine, you can consider purchasing this large rotary evaporator.

The rotary evaporators produced by ZZKD are excellent in reliability, safety and operability.It is widely used in scientific research institutions, pharmaceutical companies and chemical laboratories. The use of rotary evaporator under vacuum will achieve a more perfect distillation effect and meet the requirements of different cocktail tastes.

Relying on the exploration and research of high-precision temperature control technology, ZZKD expands product types and product application systems in all aspects to provide customers with overall solutions.At the same time, ZZKD also produces and sells auxiliary equipment for rotary evaporation: low-temperature coolant circulating pump and circulating water vacuum pump, and guides customers to operate and use.Rotary evaporator is not only used in the chemical and pharmaceutical fields, but also in the food field, it is also widely used, and molecular bartending is only a part of it.

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