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Saxo Bank Review: Best UAE Forex Brokers

Saxo Bank is a premium multi-asset brokerage with cutting-edge analysis and a cutting-edge exchange market – not to mention a fantastic variety of over 40,000 securities.

Saxo Bank offers an immersive, rich trading experience with a vast selection of tools, studies, and premium services for research.

Professional traders (or those who can afford to cover the stiff account balance requirement).


Saxo Bank, which was founded in 1992 and operates three regulated banks and is registered in six tier-1 jurisdictions, is a safe (low-risk) FX or CFDs broker.

Saxo Bank offers over 40,000 instruments, including crypto derivatives, micro-futures, and currency options (depending on your location).

SaxoTraderGo, Saxo Bank’s premier tool, contains everything a trader could need to traverse the market.

To manage risk, it provides sophisticated order types and accounts safety protocols.

Saxo discloses average gap statistics by order size as well as across trading sessions each day, demonstrating its ability to achieve the best implementation at scale.

The addition of Corellian Academy risk management content to Saxo Bank’s fbs review present education offering is a great addition.

On pairs like the EUR/USD, the price for VIP and Platinum account holders is very reasonable, while pricing for Classic account holders is nearer to the average industry.

Fees and how we graded them

Based on how Saxo Bank’s fees compare to those of all reviewed providers, we rated them as low, average, or excessive.

Let’s start with some definitions of phrases linked to brokerage fees. Trading and non-trading fees are two stuff to keep an eye on. When you trade, you will incur trading costs. Recommendations, spreads, lending rates, and conversion costs are instances of these.

Non-trading costs include things like withdrawal fees and inactivity fees that aren’t directly related to trading. The most relevant Saxo Bank fees for each asset type are listed in the sections below. Recommendations, for example, are the most essential costs for stock investment.

We also compared Saxo Bank’s fees to those of two comparable brokers, Swissquote and TradeStation Global. This decision is based on objective criteria such as the items offered, the client profile, the pricing structure, and so on.

A more detailed list of Saxo Bank alternatives can be found here.We looked at Saxo Bank Britain’s fees. While Saxo’s costs differ by country, they are equivalent to those levied by the broker’s UK company in Danish, France, Norway, Australia, Singapore, Kong, the United Arab Emirates, and Russia.

Fees for foreign exchange

Overall, Saxo Bank has modest currency fees, which measure up to those of its selected peers.We established a forex benchmark fee for major currency pairings to get a clear view of forex fees. All brokers’ commissions, spreads, and borrowing expenses are included in this broad benchmark.

Is it safe to use Saxo Bank?

Every day, we hear more and more stories from clients who have lost money to Telegram scammers or through other means.

. Only brokers with top-tier regulators are listed on BrokerChooser. As a consequence, Saxo Bank is a trustworthy and honest broker.Check out our in-depth look at Saxo Bank’s trustworthiness if you want to learn more.

Platform for Trading

The trading platform provides its users with access to a wide range of instruments including investment vehicles from across the world.

The SaxoTrader suite is compatible with a wide range of devices and systems, including Windows on desktop computers. SaxoTrader GO is the name of the mobile suite, which is compatible with ios, Android, and Blackberry devices.

For accessing its asset classes, Saxo Bank offers a one-of-a-kind and highly engaging web trading interface. When you first start the software, you must complete a one-step login process.There is, however, an IP address for Platinum and VIP accounts… When you first start the software, you must complete a one-step login process.

However, for Gold and VIP users, there is a more secure IP address link enabling login. Though it appears to be complicated, it has an easy-to-use interface that makes navigating thru it simple.

Markets / Assets

There are over 100 major and minor currency pairings that can be exchanged in currency trading. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum futures are also available against fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, and JPY.

The Saxo Bank bond trade platform offers users an attractive asset class to trade with over 5,000 bonds, including 3,400 developed-market and 1,600 emerging-market marketing bonds. Users access government bonds from the more than 40 countries

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