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Scientific Mysterious Still Waiting to Be Solved


Science is the only thing that has brought us to this revolutionized era from the stone-age. It has discovered all the modern things and can find the answer to all things like how did we evolve, what prehistoric dinosaurs looked like, and much more. But there are some mysteries that science hasn’t solved yet. If you don’t know them, take a look. By the way, if you want someone to write your research paper, then check to do my essay online.

Unsolved Problems in Science

Scientists are still sweating to solve these problems:

1. A Quantum Gravity Theory

The classical theory of gravity discovered by Newton states that objects with mass attract each other to themselves. But then Einstein came up with his revolutionary theory of relativity, and there he mentioned that gravity is a result of distortion in space-time. This explains why all planets orbit around the sun and other problems like why light curves around the sun. But the problem occurred when they wanted to know what happened to the particle at the sub-atomic level. And both Newton’s and Einstein’s theories can’t explain gravity at the sub-atomic level. Since that day, the scientists have been working hard to find a theory that combines Relativity and Quantum mechanics so that they can find Quantum Gravity.

2. Dark Energy and Dark Matter

We all know our universe is made of energy and matter. But, would you believe we no very less about the energy and matter of our universe. Yes, all the matter known to mankind from the observable universe is about 5%. The rest of the universe is dark, and we can’t explain the rest of the matter and energy or don’t know anything about them; that’s why scientists called them “Dark Energy” and “Dark Matter.” However, 68% of our universe is Dark energy, and 27% is Dark Matter, which is yet to be discovered. Oh! Don’t forget to check and choose an author to make an essay.

3. The Survival Mechanism of Tardigrades

Tardigrades are the most insanely survived microorganisms that could survive almost anything that no creatures do. That is because it is the only animal that can survive in the vacuum of space. If that doesn’t surprise you, this creature has also traveled outer of space outside of the FOTONM3 rocket. It has survived the harsh conditions of space like extreme radiation, no environment, and other things as well. However, this creature has the ability to withstand any temperature and pressure. It has survived way below subzero temperature and way above than boiling point. At the same time, it can handle the pressure at Mariana Trench. And researchers have no clue how this creature can survive that much.

4. What Happened to All the Anti-Matter?

Our universe is made of matter. But it is also a proven fact that each particle of matter must have antimatter. The antimatter is identical to matter but negatively charged. For example, the photon is a particle that could have an antimatter particle that will have a negative charge. However scientists have also created antimatter in the laboratory, but it also created matter in equal proportion. So, it is confirmed that each particle of matter must have antimatter. But where are all the antimatter? What we see in the observable universe is matter, energy, dark matter, and dark energy.


There are more unsolved mysteries that aren’t solved yet that you can’t even imagine. But, researchers are putting their all into solving them at any cost.

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