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Sergey Tokarev from Roosh: Ukrainian IT faces a range of challenges during the war


The IT sector in Ukraine was making strides until the all-scale Russian inversion started on February 24, 2022. But the Ukrainians’ spirit of invincibility is stronger than any attack. Many people were left unemployed and started looking for new opportunities in the IT industry. Sergey Tokarev, Roosh’s Founding Partner, states that Ukraine is expecting thousands of qualified IT specialists when the war is over. Also, he underlines that there might be some difficulties regarding Ukrainian’s IT development.

Attracting foreign investors

According to the present situation in Ukraine, Sergey Tokarev admits that one of the challenges is related to the process of attracting investments. And it is obvious as the war sustainably increases the risk for companies to operate within the country. Therefore, every foreign investor strives to relocate project teams to safer places.

Despite the Ukrainians’ bravery and resilience, the war has affected the productivity of IT companies. And the reason for it is regular blackouts in the country. That’s why it is not easy to predict the future of Ukrainian IT, but there are some promising tendencies.

Massive returns

Sergey Tokarev notes that many people came back, especially to Kyiv, in the summer. It was a time when there was a minimum threat of being attacked in the capital. The businessman believes that many Ukrainians, who emigrated back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, might want to return. These people are actively supporting the country with resources. They are the ones who want to rebuild the country’s economy after the war.

Also, he notices that many foreigners might arrive in Ukraine after the victory. Sergey Tokarev believes this will be a great opportunity for Ukrainians to adopt the experience of thousands of intelligent people.

Strengthening Ukrainian IT influence

Another fact of expecting top-notch specialists in Ukraine is connected with a rejected ban on crossing the border for men. As a result, many experts will use this opportunity to go abroad, particularly IT specialists. Some IT companies have already relocated their core team and opened offices in other countries. This became a solution to save the business and continue developing the Ukrainian IT sector until the war ends.

International assistance of Ukrainian IT

Sergey Tokarev highlights that we might expect a new trend from prominent players in the global IT market. It is about joining cooperation and assistance to Ukraine. He believes such a step will positively impact many tech companies and strengthen them.

The way IT and the state interacted before will change too. For example, because of the war, more IT specialists engaged in developing military tech and Artificial Intelligence.

Ukrainian IT experts enter the global labor market

It is a matter of fact that the world is currently undergoing a wave of massive layoffs. According to Sergey Tokarev, many American IT companies are shifting to outsourcing, which means only a few staff will stay in the office. The entrepreneur believes that Ukrainian specialists will be able to take the positions of fired employees overseas.

In addition, he mentions the current shortage of highly qualified engineers (especially hardware) and product managers. So, there will be a great demand for these specialties in the country.

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