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Shine a Lil More with a Dazzling Diamond Necklace Design!


A diamond necklace is the most dazzling accessory one can wear. In the fashion world, it is a must-have. Women have worn it daily and saved it for special occasions like dates. When it comes to jewellers in Southern India, Vaibhav Jewellers is the name to remember. You can find many stunning diamond necklace designs to match any outfit or occasion.

The variety is wide. You can purchase a little round diamond pendant, a more understated diamond choker, or a swanky diamond necklace. In particular, several of our diamond necklaces are perennial best-sellers that never seem to go out of style. We understand the more sparkling diamonds there are, the happier you’ll be. So, we have you covered anywhere from a simple diamond pendant to a complex diamond necklace with many layers. 

Whether you’re into yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum, we have a necklace for you. We’ve listed our latest three best-selling diamond necklaces that will last for ages.

Chic Diamond Choker

Now you can flaunt your attractive feminine side with élan wearing a magnificent designer diamond choker necklace. If you wish to dazzle in your lehenga or your mom’s finest sari, try draping on a timeless diamond choker. In the same vein, a long, western-style gown or a plain black dress with a diamond choker necklace are both excellent ways to project an air of opulence and refinement while attending a formal event or strolling the red carpet. Many modern brides prefer to wear their customary jewellery by layering them with contrasting pieces. We suggest going for minimalist gold mangalsutra designs for heavy pieces like chokers.

Diamond Navaratna Necklace

The regal patterns of the Navratna are reflected in our 18K Diamond Navaratna Necklace (159VG2023), a piece of renowned South Indian jewellery. Back in the day, people wore them all the time because of all the benefits they provided. In Hindu thought, there are seven planets and two “nodes” in the cosmos. Each of these nine is a planet in its own right. You can think of each as representing a different deity in heaven (or navagraha). Nine diamonds symbolise the nine sacred Gods. These are examples of diamonds, pearls, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, topaz, cat’s eye, coral, hyacinths, and zircons. The vibrant colours here are calming and help balance your energy centres or chakras. Embrace your traditional heritage and look like an enchantress in this exquisite classic pattern set in pure yellow gold. The massive necklace would stand out in sharp contrast to the muted colours of the south Indian saree. Classical gems adorn our handcrafted jhumkas, making you feel like true royalty when you wear them. Married women can wear long gold mangalsutra designs with this type of colourful necklace to accentuate their looks.

Fancy Diamond Necklace

The hottest accessory this season has undoubtedly been fashion diamond necklaces. They are exquisitely made by hand and have a high-end feel. In addition, the pendants’ designs often evoke nostalgic feelings. Tiny diamond-studded pendants, huge gemstones set in the middle with smaller diamonds around the outside, and tiny figurative pendants are just a few examples of the styles available for fashion diamond necklaces. Necklaces made of fashion diamonds are currently trendy because of the accuracy with which they may be carved. These diamond necklace designs are a great way to add a touch of style to an otherwise simple outfit.

If you’re interested in buying a diamond necklace online but want to see how it looks on you before buying it, try our Virtual Try-on and Live Video shopping options. As a result, you can do a remote product check from anywhere in the world.

When you purchase from us, you can choose from many payment plans, including EMI (equating monthly instalments). Time to time, the price of the diamond necklace changes. It is majorly influenced by the fluctuating gold and diamond market. Furthermore, the cost is affected by the different diamond varieties. For instance, sets with Polki or uncut diamonds might cost several times as much as similar sets with cut diamonds.

Word of advice:

Diamond necklaces are a costly luxury item. The cost of a diamond necklace is affected by several things, including the store’s reputation. A lesser-known retailer may substantially jack up its prices to make a profit. To protect yourself as a buyer, do your homework before you go diamond shopping. The first step is understanding how cut, clarity, and colour impact a diamond’s value.

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