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Spotlight Crucial Signs of a Failed Car Fuel Injector


Fuel injectors are an essential engine component and fail badly due to the buildup of contaminants like carbon. This carbon buildup can clog or partially clog the injector, and provide the engine with little or too much oil. As a car owner, you must have complete knowledge of the warning signs of a failed fuel injector. After noticing these signs, take your car to the Perth auto mechanic for automobile engine or fuel injector repair or replacement services. Go on reading the critical warning signs in detail for better solutions.

Top Warning Signs of Bad Car Fuel Injector

It controls the quantity of fuel delivered to the combustion part of the engine. When it fails, you can feel a lot of changes within your car. Put a glance at the leading symptoms of car fuel injector failure.

1.   Vibrating Engine

When your car misfires or you experience a delay in starting the car after pressing the accelerator. This problem usually occurs due to a failed fuel injector of the engine. In addition, it also occurs due to nozzle blockage. When your infected fuel injector doesn’t supply the right proportion of fuel to the combustion area. Consequently, the air-fuel mix gets disturbed in the combustion chamber and you can face a misfire or vibrating engine of the car. Before taking your automobile out for a drive, always make sure the fuel injector is free of clogging. If you are not familiar with car engine repair services then go to a nearby mechanic shop and get your car fixed for hassle-free driving on the roads.

2.   Stalling of Engine

Sometimes, the engine randomly starts stalling and it occurs due to the lack of fuel.  When the fuel is low in amount, the injector starts spraying fuel on the engine instead of providing the accurate amount. After receiving the fuel in lower amounts the control unit of the car engine will stop and make it stall. It occurs commonly due to fuel leakage and blocking of the nozzle. Take your car to the professionals for removing dirt and debris from the nozzle for the appropriate working of the car engine.

3.   Fuel Leakage

When you experience a strong fuel smell while driving, it is commonly due to the failure of the fuel injector. The fuel injector fails badly and due to this fuel leakage starts. Check the fuel injector of your car and if the fuel is available close to it. It means something is not right with the car fuel injector and it needs immediate servicing from the nearby mechanic shop. Take your car instantly and get secure from future costly repairs.

4.   Poor Fuel Mileage

A failed injector is also a big reason for poor fuel mileage. Sometimes, due to injector failure, your car engine may receive too much or too little oil than the actual amount. The car cannot work properly after receiving less amount of fuel from the fuel injector. Thus, a major drop gets a rise in the fuel economy due to a bad fuel injector. Clogged and leaked injectors are one of the big reasons for poor fuel mileage. Provide your car with perfect and instant car engine repair services from professionals like perthautorepair and improve the fuel mileage.

5.   Warning Light Turn On

Sometimes, a warning light also gets on the dashboard that clarifies your engine is not working appropriately. Due to this warning light, you can easily find out that something is not right with the fuel injector of the car engine and fuel efficiency. Get your car inspection and maintenance services from time to time and get escape from costly engine part replacements.

Final Remarks!

These are the top warning signs that show your car engine fuel injector is not working appropriately. Thus, take your car immediately to a Perth auto mechanic like perthautorepair for quality and professional services. Get repair and maintenance services on time and improve the efficiency of your car.

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