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Stem Cell reviews: What Patients Said


Why stem cells have been able to change the lives of millions of people around the world, many people are still sceptical about this innovative treatment. Stem cell reviews involve testimonies from patients that have had successful stem cell procedures and have noticed significant improvements in their conditions. The procedure can be used to improve the conditions of people suffering from various conditions. Stem cells can be used to treat hundreds of ailments in the human body. From multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease to stroke, stem cell therapy can be used to improve the personal situation of individual patients.

A great solution for Parkinson’s disease

Stem cell therapy can be used to treat patients with Parkinson’s disease. The treatment can be used to improve the feeling in the affected area. Many patients have testified about how drastically their lives improved after undergoing the treatment. They said that they were able to become more physical in a matter of weeks after the therapy. They testified that they were able to limit medication for the condition as soon as they have undergone stem cell treatment. Many patients spoke about being able to exercise properly and were strong enough to skip their medication. They are also recommending stem cell treatments for patients afflicted with similar health conditions. With stem cell treatments, patients with such conditions can see their abilities and movements improved.

A solution for stroke

Many patients with stroke had testified how the use of stem cell therapy has helped them recover from the ailment. Patients have reported that when they tried other treatments, they saw little improvement in their conditions. However, when they considered stem cell treatment, their condition changed drastically. They usually commended the service that they received from the clinic staff. Some said that they were told to perform additional research into the treatment procedure. In addition, the doctors answered all their questions and inquiries while also ensuring that they felt comfortable. They usually said that all arrangements were made efficiently and things went on smoothly. On the outcome of the treatment, many patients said that the procedure was able to improve their conditions. From speech improvement to gaining a motion range of 75%, stem cell therapy certainly helps to heal patients suffering from a stroke.

Can be used to treat COPD

Patients who were suffering from COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) revealed how they were healed from the condition. From the reception of the clinic staff down to the procedure, they glowingly spoke about the process. They also testified that the procedure had been painless all along. Also, the doctor made them feel confident about the entire procedure. To treat COPD using stem cells, it usually takes a sensitive and talented doctor, not in the field of medicine alone, but also to be able to understand human psychology. This is how many patients described their experience of treating COPD with stem cell therapy. In addition, many patients testified that they were able to feel the first signs of improvement several weeks after the procedure. Many of them also vowed to return to their respective clinics should they ever need to undergo the procedure again.

Great for general body therapy

Other patients spoke about how they were initially apprehensive about stem cell therapy. They went on to say that giving it a try changed their approach to the treatment process. They said that the process usually begins with the doctor who informs them kindly about the procedure. Also, they spoke about how knowledgeable, kind, and professional many of the doctors were. They then went on to say that they usually felt a lot of improvement after the therapy. Stem cells can be used to treat people who are non-verbal and quadriplegic. These are some examples of conditions that can be taken care of by treatment. They said that they were able to notice improvements with more physical movements and talking. Many patients ended up recommending the procedure to others who may be afraid or sceptical of the treatment. In addition, many patients said that the costs of the procedure are nothing compared to the treatment and reception that they got. Many patients were assisted with their accommodations and transportation which helped with their recovery processes.

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