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Summer nail polish powder with recommended


Actual nail

The difficulty of use: simple

Suitable for the crowd: want to DIY their own little beauty sister

Reason: high color saturation, easy to color, painted once done, no glue

2022 metal painting galglitter gel Japanese nail painting gel gold and silver hook and line pulling gel drawing

In the 3 paragraph, the halo can be matched with jewelry shell pieces.

Suitable for the crowd.

More suitable for ladies who go ins style, more recommended long nails or do false nails, because this style is slightly exaggerated, will be posted with a variety of jewelry, short nails will be restricted, do out will highlight the nails very heavy, short nails can choose to jump two nail swoosh plus some shells and gold foil paper, do out also super pretty oh.

In the 2 paragraph, sequins and cat’s eye Suitable for the crowd.

The effect of doing out is more flash kind, like the glittering ladies more recommended Oh. Cat eye is recommended now popular crystal cat eye Oh, it is recommended that you can first use the laser powder wipe a layer of better effect Oh.

Then say a note, apply laser powder, mermaid powder, magic mirror powder is required to apply a layer of no-clean sealer light 30 to 40 seconds and then with a good sponge on the top with a little force can be applied, with dust brush to sweep the surrounding clean.

Actual nail art

Actual nail art

Difficulty: Easy to use

Suitable for people: who want to DIY their own little beauty sister

The reason: personally, in the use of a crystal cat’s eye glue, which is durable and wear-resistant, the cat’s eye effect is remarkable

Four, what kind of color is nail whitening? What color is suitable for their own nail care worries? If you do not choose a good color, not only do not lend a hand to look good, but also look more black; first of all, our normal skin color is divided into yellow skin, dark skin, and white skin, but we Asians are generally yellow skin, so our yellow skin, in the end, painted what color white it?

It is recommended that the carrion red, burgundy, earth tones, milk tea, peacock blue, brown, dark gray (pink, fluorescent colors which are not recommended) do not like the color is too obvious can choose jelly color, not pick skin tone, do out clean and refreshing the following chart is to give you the recommended color how to match.

Color matching chart

Five, how do we buy nail products? What are the most cost-effective nail products?

This aspect of starting products is a lot of new ladies are prone to step into the minefield and spend money in the wrong place.

1, front treatment and painted solid color

It is recommended that you buy nail art tool sets directly, but also with a storage box, which is super cost-effective. The tools that can be used inside are basically included, a step in place, do not worry about missing something.

Contains tools: storage box, alcohol cotton, light therapy lamp, nail polish, etc.

The difficulty of use: simple

Suitable for the crowd: want to DIY their own little beauty sister

The reason: personally, in the use of a kit, you want to take into account what you did not think of; it also has. And it also comes with a tutorial, newcomers to learn is also very simple Oh.

The above is galglitter wholesaler what have put together for the young lady (DIY nail most complete strategy) how to better DIY nails at home, choose products to prevent newcomers from taking a detour, and spend money.

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