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Ten Activity Ideas From Creta Class to Support Kids’ Math Learning Process


The early years of children’s lives are very crucial as it is their learning and growing phase. As a parent, you might be looking for practical math learning activities to keep your child engaged.

Having consulted with India’s top educators, we at Creta Class India have rounded up some of the most effective- and fun- activities for math learning purposes.

Creta Class is an educational App for kids aged 3 to 8, and it has received several awards for being the most helpful app in teaching kids mathematics. The availability of practice modules, trackers, daily goals, and animated lessons can help you ignite your child’s passion for math.

Ten Fun-Filled Activities To Trigger Math Learning Process in Children Between Ages 3 to 6

This article will discuss the best activity ideas to support your children’s learning process during the early years. Let us dive right in!

1. Learn Through Gardening

With the help of gardening, your child can learn several math and science concepts. Counting seeds, measuring water in a can, keeping track of plant growth in a calendar, and recording observations can help them learn while playing. Moreover, they know to be responsible and productive at the same time.

2. Playing With Blocks and Jigsaws

Children love playing, and through that, they keep learning. Playing with jigsaw puzzles, blocks, and shape sorters can help improve logical thinking, recognizing shapes and sizes, and spatial thinking. Blocks and jigsaws can be a part of your kid’s math class.

3. Being Creative

Children love art. Most of them love painting. Activities such as finger painting, drawing with crayons, and stamp painting can keep them engaged. Cutting, tearing, and pasting are fun activities kids can do to learn something new. Check more details about activity ideas at Creta Class.

4. Encourage math thinking with storytelling.

Storytelling is the best way to boost your kid’s math thinking skills, helping them to understand math concepts and use these skills in solving problems in life. Rereading and guiding kids to tell the stories can help children revise certain words and math concepts and reinforce learning. It can help children build letter-recognition skills as well. Pictures and characters in storybooks can help improve their visualization skills.

5. Music and Dance Activities

Children usually love singing and dancing. Activities like singing a nursery rhyme about math while dancing to them can help kids improve their math ability and vocabulary. Additionally, it helps improve their listening and speaking skills. Movement can help express emotions and release energy.

6. Play With Dough

Playing with dough can help young children strengthen their fingers and improve their creativity skills. However, you must supervise them to ensure they don’t ingest the dough.

7. Identify Noises

Make your child identify various noises. Everything your child hears throughout the day, for instance, birds chirping, car horns, trees, and running water, can be placed. Kids will understand how sounds are related to objects.

8. Play Dress Up

Encourage dramatic play as your child dresses up. Children can let their imagination run free and role-play while dressing up. They understand how to take turns and cooperate. It even helps improve their thinking and speaking skills.

9. Encourage Physical Play

Physical play can be anything from running to cycling. Such activities can build motor skills in children. Outdoor activities can even boost the immunity power of kids.

10. Create a dedicated math learning corner

You can design a desk or a corner as a math learning center to make your children learn math. Keep various materials to help your child experiment. You can keep colorful numbers, shapes, papers, and dry-erase boards and hold punches, envelopes, crayons, scissors, pencils, and more. Kids can initiate self-learning activities with so much in hand.


We hope you liked our list of ten fun math learning activity ideas that can help your children learn math and grow. You can check out more such articles, including kid math learning articles, at Creta Class for ideas on math learning.

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