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The Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative to Edit PDF Effortlessly: UPDF


PDFs are the most preferred formats for documents at academic and professional levels to manage all written work digitally. Most people use Adobe Acrobat to edit PDF files because they don’t know a better tool. The point is that there are many drawbacks to using Adobe Acrobat; for example, it is quite an expensive PDF editing tool. There are many alternatives to Acrobat, but you cannot test them. To counter this issue conveniently, we will discuss the best alternative of Adobe Acrobat, by which you can edit your PDF files efficiently.

Why UPDF Is One of the Best Alternatives for Adobe Acrobat

UPDF is a comprehensive tool that can work as a PDF reader, editor, annotator, converter, or viewer, and you can say that it is a one-stop solution to all your problems. There is no restriction to use it on a specific device as it can be operated on various platforms, including Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. Many devices don’t offer a built-in PDF editor, so you have to rely on the best one, and UPDF is one of the best PDF editing tools.

The Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative to Edit PDF Effortlessly1

Now, you can manage and secure your PDF files with full authority without paying dollar bills every time. Moreover, the processing speed of this tool is very fast, so while carrying out the process, you don’t have to wait a whole day.

Main Features of UPDF PDF Editor

UPDF is a feature-fledge PDF editing tool, and there are many prevailing features of this tool. Here are some of the exceptional features of UPDF:

1. View and Annotate PDF

You can view PDF files with enhanced functionality and exceptional quality with UPDF. If you wish to open multiple PDF files at the same time and smoothly switch through them, it can also be possible with this tool. Moreover, navigating through pages like zooming in or out, changing pages, or directly opening any specific page is easy to do with this PDF editing tool.

Furthermore, you can add shapes like rectangles, ovals, circles, or line to make your document more attractive. With the assistance of the Pencil and Eraser Tool, you can draw freehand figures and personalize your PDF just as you wish.

The Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative to Edit PDF Effortlessly2

2.  Edit PDF

Editing PDFs by resizing images and changing fonts is a need for every PDF format user. This tool allows you to edit PDF files according to your needs or to the requirement of your profession effortlessly. In addition, you can add an image of your choice and easily adjust its position and size. If you want to make the PDF file more colorful, use the Edit feature of UPDF and change the color of the fonts. In case the image present in the PDF is not according to your liking, you can also replace it.

With UPDF, you can also edit the links in your PDF or add new links to your PDF, which you can link to a webpage or a page inside your PDF file. You can also customize the color, thickness, type, and style of your link.

The Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative to Edit PDF Effortlessly3

3. Convert PDF

With UPDF, you cannot just annotate or view PDFs but also convert them into the format of your choice. This tool can convert PDF files into different formats like Word, Rich Text Format, PDF/A, HTML, XML, and more. If you wish to work with the scan PDF files, this tool can convert those scanned files into editable formats with its OCR feature.

The Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative to Edit PDF Effortlessly4

4.  Encrypt PDF

Protecting PDF files for official work is a feature everyone should have for maintaining the security and authority of PDF documents. Your privacy concerns can be satisfied with UPDF because it allows you to encrypt PDF documents by password-protecting them. You can add two types of passwords to the PDF document: Open Password and Permission Password.

5.  Organize PDF

A large number of pages in a PDF sometimes make a PDF layout tricky and complicated. That is where you need to organize PDF documents, and you can do this efficiently with UPDF. It allows for deletion or extraction of the unrequired pages and split pages with large amounts of information in half. You can also rotate the pages of your PDF file or select the page range.

6.  Add a Watermark and Background

If you want to specify the ownership of the document, there is no better way to do this than a watermark. With UPDF, you can add a watermark to the PDF file successfully. Not just this, but you can also customize the font, color, and style of the watermark. As for the background, you can customize it, and your document’s outlook will be enhanced accordingly.

UPDF PDF Editor vs. Adobe Acrobat: Which One Should You Pick?

Many users need help choosing between Adobe Acrobat and UPDF, but it is easier than it seems. UPDF is the best alternative to Adobe Acrobat because this tool allows you to edit, organize or convert PDF files for free. Every feature of Acrobat is paid, but with UPDF, you can convert 5 files with OCR without paying anything. The user interface is another thing that makes UPDF a great tool for editing PDF files. The user interface of UPDF is well-structured and captivating compared to Adobe Acrobat, so the user will likely have a good time using it.

Moreover, to use Abode Acrobat on different devices, you have to buy a separate license, which is different in the case of UPDF. You don’t have to buy different licenses for every device using UPDF, as one is enough. This shows that UPDF is a very cost-effective tool for editing PDFs in comparison with Adobe Acrobat. Now you have a clear idea about the usability, assistance, and compatibility of UPDF, it is obvious to you that UPDF is the one you should go for.


In simple words, if you want to edit PDF files without spending a large amount of money, go for UPDF. UPDF is a very good alternative to Adobe Acrobat, and any user can easily handle all the PDF work. A feature-fledge tool like UPDF can assist you in multiple ways, whether you are using it to protect a document or convert it.

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