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The best music genres to help you sleep


Sleep is one of the most important aspects of health. Not getting enough rest can significantly affect your life in many ways, so understanding how to optimise your approach to getting enough rest is absolutely fundamental. Sleep problems can cause various negative symptoms, such as skin breakouts, mood swings and massively reduced productivity.

Sleep studies are a relatively recent phenomenon. Nowadays, scientists have discovered how complex and multi-layered each night’s rest is. There are three main sleep stages and cultivating each one is massively important. Light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep are all essential in their own ways. Treat your night’s rest holistically for the best results.

But what is the best way to get to sleep in the first place? Betway online casino recently announced the results of a study to find the best strategies. Listening to music before bed was high on the list, so we’ve explored the best genres to help you doze off. Stay with us for a rundown!


The soothing sound of classical music is one of the most popular relaxation genres. There is nothing like kicking back before bed and listening to beautiful songs such as Debussy’s “Clair De Lune” or Erik Satie’s “Gymnopedie No. 1”. These soothing and deeply tranquil sounds will have you dozing off in no time at all. Just make sure you choose the right classical music. For example, Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 5” could end up keeping you awake longer due to its energy and weighty emotion.


Brian Eno, often regarded as the founder of the ambient music genre, described it as “an atmosphere, a tint… designed to induce calm and a space to think”. This is the perfect genre for mindfulness and meditation before bedtime, especially paired with another relaxing activity such as a bath or reading a book. Brian Eno is the benchmark for ambient music, but there is plenty to choose from on modern streaming platforms such as Spotify.

Sitar music

The Indian sitar was made famous by musicians such as Ravi Shankar and The Beatles. Its unique and drone-like sound has made it a favourite for people looking for sleep-inducing sounds before bed. Our very own Masstamilan website has an exceptional range of sitar and Tamil songs to help you get started. Check out our collection for the very best Tamil sleep songs!

White noise

White noise isn’t your standard music genre, but studies have shown it can be one of the most effective sounds to help you sleep. Technically, white noise is a sound containing many frequencies. This helps it block out any unwanted sounds that may be keeping you awake. If white noise is slightly too boring for you, why not try rain sounds or the calming swoosh of ocean waves?

Film soundtracks

Although you’ll have to pick the right film, soundtracks can often be a great way to lull yourself to sleep. This doesn’t apply to high-octane action thrillers, however, calming soundtracks from Pixar films or more relaxing motion pictures can be fantastic options. There is also a range of calming piano covers of popular soundtracks such as Star Wars. These perfectly mix calmness with familiarity and can have you sleeping in no time.

West African kora music

The West African kora is undeniably one of the most soothing and introspective musical instruments on planet Earth. Much like a Western harp, the kora is traditionally played by “griots”, important tribal figures who pass down songs over several generations. Toumani Diabate and Sidiki Diabate are some of the most famous modern kora musicians. Listening to their critically acclaimed album “Toumani & Sidiki” is a beautifully meditative experience perfect for bedtime.

Acoustic folk

Acoustic folk music is another heavenly music genre for getting to sleep. The acoustic guitar has a special kind of atmospheric power, just like the kora mentioned above. Add in soothing singing, and you’re onto a winner. For example, Vashti Bunyan’s beautiful song “Diamond Day” has a wonderful lullaby-like quality that will lull you to sleep in the most heavenly way.

Downtempo electronica

Downtempo electronica is a relatively recent musical genre, but artists like Moby, Boards of Canada and Bonobo have reached massive popularity. Music critics decided on the term “downtempo” to describe this genre’s generally slower pace than traditional electronic music. It borrows aspects from ambient and global folk music to create a sound that is very well suited to sleeping.

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