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The Best Times To Post On Instagram


Instagram’s algorithm has changed in recent years, making it much more difficult to share visible Instagram posts. The social media platform prioritizes posts made by the users’ friends and family, with fewer chances of business posts being added to people’s timelines. 

As we all know, it takes immense time and effort to create the greatest photographs, write interesting copy, and find the ideal hashtags while creating content. So it can be disheartening to put all this effort into a post only to receive five likes and a slew of spam comments.

So, business posts that include links don’t get the desired effect on Instagram, which means business owners must play the game well on Instagram to win their social media marketing journey. This includes determining the best time to post on Instagram, as well as identifying a time when people are active on their Instagram feed.

This blog will provide you with background information as well as the exact post times to increase interaction and connect with your target audience on Instagram according to the top digital marketing company in Dubai.

When Are Instagram Users the Most Active?

Always keep in mind that time zones exist. Knowing which segment of a global audience you’re attempting to reach is important as people are dependent on their time zone.

Digital marketing services in Dubai point out that when people wake up, they tend to check social media accounts, spending a few minutes or more scrolling through their newsfeeds or watching Instagram Reels.

So, 7-9 a.m. is quite a good time to post in the morning.

Another time when people are frequently on their phones is during their lunch break. Posting between 11 and 1 p.m., when people are likely to be taking a break for lunch, can assure that your post rises to the top of their feed.

So now, let’s take a look at the days and posting times:

  • Monday- Six a.m – 9 a.m – Ten p.m.
  • Tuesday-  Two a.m.  / Four a.m.- Five a.m. / Nine a.m.
  • Wednesday- Seven am – Eight a.m. – Eleven p.m.
  • Thursday- Nine a.m / Twelve p.m/ Seven-Nine p.m.
  • Friday- Five a.m – One p.m – Three- Four p.m.
  • Saturday- Eleven a.m / Seven am / Eight pm.
  • Sunday-  Seven a.m- Ten .a.m. & Four p.m.

How often should you post?

Well, that depends on several factors. Your main goal is to post consistently. However, keep in mind that do not put content out there for the sake of posting.

Spend time developing a customer journey-based content strategy.

This may take more time upfront, but it will save you tension and problems in the long run. If you don’t have many post ideas, consider posting three times a week.

Things to consider while looking for the best time to post on Instagram 

  • Breaks in workday 

Some people will check their Instagram during their work breaks, particularly during tea breaks and lunchtime.

Similarly, people’s enthusiasm for their work wanes in the late afternoon, and many resorts to scrolling their Instagram feed instead.

  • Day of the week 

There will be considerable fluctuation in Instagram interaction during different days of the week. If you look into a random schedule, you might be shell-shocked to find the time 5 a.m. on the list above. 

This is because people frequently check their phones for messages as soon as they wake up during the work week. 

So, this implies that people are more likely to check their Instagram socials first thing in the morning from Monday through Friday than on weekends. But even Monday can have decreased involvement, as individuals are eager to get the week started

  • Follow your specific audience

If you have an Instagram account you should probably be aware of Instagram Insights. If you look into the Followers area of Instagram Insights, you could see when your target audience is most active on the network.

Some social media management solutions, such as Later, also give information regarding your Instagram audience’s availability.

  • Frequency of posting 

If you want your Instagram account to look fresh, you must post frequently. This can range from one to three posts every day. Share a variety of post types, taking care not to come across as solely concerned with making sales.

  • Take advantage of time zone

As we said above, taking advantage of time zones is extremely important. You can determine your Instagram posting times, based on your target audience and their time zone. 

So, If you are planning to make a post during the morning, you can choose the time when the majority of your target audience is active. 

  • Check your competitor’s content

Another thing you can do is keep an eye on the content of your competitors. For example, are their Tuesday 2 p.m. posts going well or did they perform better at another time?. Take these matters into consideration.

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