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The Best Workplace Accessories for Your High-Profile Employees


Having a professional but still personal and inclusive workplace can require some investment in your employees. The workplace needs to allow employees to be themselves, even when they are the actions and voice of a company. Having accessorizing be a core and recognized piece of the workspace is a great way to encourage expression while retaining professionalism.

Titanium Bands

Subtlety is a key part of workplace accessorizing. You need to find something that is suitably expressive and can be displayed in several ways, with the product itself being varied and interesting so it doesn’t feel like a bland mark of working at the company. The Newman Bands Titanium Ring Collection is a vast array of simple but powerful titanium rings that never have any adornments or centerpieces. This makes them consistently stylish without interfering with any workplace or standing out even in high-profile events. Yet, while the design means they are subtle, they are still bold accessories that allow for a range of material effects, colors, and styles.


Branding is an important part of your workplace, and often this is relegated to pens, badges, and lanyards. Those options are all fine and get the job done, but in terms of integrating with a high-profile environment, there’s a better option for those attending the event: cufflinks. Cufflinks are small and inoffensive accessories that carry a lot of weight. If a set of workers can share branded cufflinks for a conference, office anniversary, or another event, then they will feel much more uniquely integrated into the company. Just like the titanium bands, they are discrete while still being bold, although are a considerable investment compared to something like the titanium bands.


A timeless classic. Timepieces are an excellent way to flash an employee’s personality and individuality even when they are in professional apparel. Watches themselves are seen as professional and treated with an almost regal status in some circles. While the practicality of the accessories is no doubt lesser than it used to be, their engineering and the style of them have diminished not a bit. With the option for engravings, clear cases, unique straps, and more watches are a truly fantastic workplace accessory for all levels of employment.


A required accessory, to begin with, belts are a great opportunity to show the varied styles of your employees. There are a few accessories that can combine professional and personal, and belts shouldn’t be ignored as one of them. Belts can bring a causal-looking attire up into smart-casual and can give smart apparel a unique edge that a standard suit-and-boot doesn’t have. Not to mention, belts can also be used in a similar way to cufflinks, providing a branded option for employees when attending important events.

Don’t Forget the Goal

When addressing the workplace dress code for high-profile events and employees it is vital to remember that monotony isn’t the goal. Expression, unique tastes and styles, and the outward presentation that your company is inclusive and relaxed are all vital parts of these choices over accessories.

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