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The Complete Guide to Create a Gourmet Area at Home


When building a property, it is all designed to meet the needs of the family. At this time, a growing trend is the gourmet area, which provides an adequate space to receive friends and carry out family programs.

Have you ever thought about having this area in your home? Many people do not understand exactly what this space is or how it can be developed.

So, we have prepared a complete guide on the topic. If you’re looking for a real estate marketing company that will help you stand out from the crowd and get more leads. Read some of the research they conducted!

Read on to know, how to create the space and how to make an amazing decoration. Follow up!

Set your decorating style

If you’ve already researched how to decorate the house, you’ve come across the different styles available like using a Stretch Spandex Tablecloth to cover your table for your gourmet special event. However, they can also be used for the gourmet space, following the same as the rest of the residence or innovating. You can get quality types of home materials from culinarydepot furnitures. To help you decide, we’ve listed the most common ones, check it out!


The rustic style is inspired by country houses and older decorations, with features such as the use of natural wood, exposed bricks, antique furniture and handcrafted objects. Undoubtedly, it suits gourmet areas, especially when people want to bet on a wood stove and other elements of the type.

The option also has many plants and materials of natural origin, highlighting nature. This can also be considered when choosing prints and other objects that will compose the environment.


Modern style is another option available. In this case, it is worth investing in sophisticated furniture and appliances, materials and strong colors that bring contrast, as well as objects that complement the style.

Here, the use of coatings such as granite and marble are quite common, as well as glass and other surfaces to bring out shine. Another common feature is the use of furniture and designs focused on straight lines and geometric shapes.

Choose equipment

The decision about the equipment that will compose the gourmet area is essential for it to fulfill its purpose. In this case, it is worth thinking about the items that will be used to prepare the desired foods such as barbecues, pizzas, among others. Below, we list the most used and how to choose the ideal ones.


The barbecue is usually indispensable for the gourmet space. The most common are coal-fired models, which require the construction of a kitchen chimney for smoke output. However, when it is not possible to adopt this model, it is worth considering the gas models that also have an amazing design.

To complement, it is worth having hoods or air purifiers to suck the smoke and prevent it from taking over the environment. Without this care, the barbecue can result in the accumulation of smoke, affecting the whole house and even bothering the neighbors.


The stove is another essential item, after all, it allows you to carry out a variety of preparations. It is possible to opt for the traditional models, with built-in oven, or the cooktops.

There is also induction or gas models to satisfy different tastes and needs.

For those who like rustic models or take advantage of different options, wood stoves are still successful in many spaces.


The oven is equipment used in gourmet spaces. Electric models are common in spaces, but care must be taken when choosing the size, as this limits the preparation options.

For those who like to prepare pasta, especially pizza, the wood oven is a success. On cold days, it can be used as a fireplace: just burn the wood to heat the environment.

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