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The Easiest Way To Play Dragon Tiger For Newbie Reference


Dragon Tiger is one of the best casino games in the brand 789BET. With simple rules, big winning chances and the convenience of playing online, the game has attracted thousands of millions of betting enthusiasts from all over the world. Follow the following article of 789BET to find out How to play Dragon Tiger  Simple and easy to win!

Get an overview of  How to play Dragon Tiger 

Get an overview of  How to play Dragon Tiger 

Dragon Tiger is a casino game that uses a standard deck of cards, popular in casinos and online casinos. This game originated in Cambodia and increasingly attracts a large number of players from all over the world.

In 789BET Xem ngay, this is considered a simplified version of Baccarat, with rules that are easy to understand even for beginners.

Players bet on one of two doors: Dragon or Tiger, or a Tie if they believe the two cards are of equal value. How to play Dragon Tiger  rated by players as quite simple. After placing a bet, the dealer (dealer) will deal two cards to the Dragon and Tiger doors. The hand with the higher value card wins. In case both hands have the same value, bets on Draw will win.

Dragon Tiger Game Rules 789BET for newbie

Law and How to play Dragon Tiger  Online is extremely simple and fun. By using a Western deck with the value of cards arranged from small to large in order from A to K. When participating at the dealer 789BET, you will be free to bet on one of three doors: Dragon, Tiger, or Tie as follows:

  • Dragon: Bet on this hand if you believe that the card on the Dragon hand will have a higher value than the Tiger hand.
  • Tiger: On the contrary, if you feel that the card on the Tiger door is worth more than the card on the Dragon door, bet here.
  • Tie: When you predict that the Dragon and Tiger cards are of equal value, they can bet on a Tie.

You can combine the How to play Dragon Tiger  easy to win to optimize prediction efficiency. After the results are revealed, the hand with the higher value card wins. If the Dragon door wins, the player who bets on the Dragon will receive the winnings with the payout ratio of 1 – 1. In the other casedoor Tiger wins, players betting on Tiger will also bring back a bonus with a ratio of 1 – 1. In particular, the payout level at the draw door is very high up to 1 – 8.

 How to play Dragon Tiger  easy to win from master

The Easiest Way To Play Dragon Tiger For Newbie Reference1

 How to play Dragon Tiger  easy to win from master

Although Dragon Tiger is a game of chance,But Applying the right experience and strategies can help you maximize your chances of winning. Here is a summary of the experience of playing at the house 789BET easy to win from master:

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Just start with small bets

If you are just starting to play, the possibility of losing is very high due to lack of experience and understanding of How to play Dragon Tiger . Small bets help you keep your money and avoid losing it quickly. If the bet is too large and unfortunately fails in the first few games, it may cause you to lose confidence and not want to continue playing.

At the brand 789BET, small bets when you first play Dragon Tiger also help you focus on observing and grasping the game situation. Instead of worrying about losing money, you can focus on observing how the dealer deals and other players’ reactions. This helps you come up with your own strategies and maximize your chances of winning.

Watch the string bets

This is one of the How to play Dragon Tiger  easy to win many people apply. According to experience from previous players, this game is often repetitive, which means that in a certain period of time, there will be a sequence of Dragon cards or a sequence of Tiger cards.

When joining at 789BET, you should carefully monitor the results of previous bets. Focus on observing and recording the sequences that appear, the signs of the string bet series. If you are lucky and observant to catch the Dragon or Tiger wire, which means that one of the two doors appears many times in a row, your probability of winning will be very high.

Take advantage of the close win game

The Easiest Way To Play Dragon Tiger For Newbie Reference2


To apply  How to play Dragon Tiger If you win close, you need to bet three cards for the Tiger hand. During the game, you need to focus on observing and recording the results of each game. It is important to focus on the third card in the bet sequence, as this is the key card you need to win close.

Based on the rules of the Dragon Tiger game, in the case of a 3-card Tiger bet sequence, there can be two cases. In the first case, the Dragon will beat the Tiger close like 4 wins 3, 6win 5. In the second case, the Dragon and Tiger will tie, and the result of winning or losing will be based on the next card.


The above article has introduced in detail How to play Dragon Tiger  easy to win at the house 789BET. Combine knowledge and effective tactics to optimize door prediction. Wish you always belaboring the bet game postThis!

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