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The great Doug Ring


Listing all great Australian cricket players who have ever participated in the game would be an impossible task. The https://www.in.1xbet.com/ website can be visited at any moment in order to wager on the best of them.

A legendary name that came from this part of the world was Doug Ring. He was a fantastic bowler who played professionally between the years 1938 and 1953. But that’s not all, because he was also part of the Australian national team. While his breakthrough into the national side was a bit late, having made his debut when he was already 30 years old, he still delivered some great performances. The 1xBet online bookmaker offers to its members lots of possibilities to also wager on the fantastic Australian national cricket team.

The invincibles

As said before, Doug Ring still took part on the Australian national side. However, his debut came at a much later stage than what is normally seen with other cricketers. In order to wager on the Australian team, punters can visit the in.1xbet.com online cricket betting platform.

The first time when Ring was picked for the squa was in 1948. At that time, the squad embarked on a tour of England. It should be noted that the Australian team had some amazing performances during this tour. This is because this was the first time ever that Australia didn’t lose a single match while touring this country. The 1xBet online betting website has lots of cricket matches where England and Australia play against each other.

Ring participated in only a single match of that tour, however, he was crucial in helping his squad in achieving an amazing result.

An impressive playing style

Doug Ring had quite an interesting playing style that was praised by many people who saw him performing on the field. Punters can watch online cricket streaming -1xBet website offers the chance to see what the best cricketers are doing on all the matches where they play.

Ring was seen as a large man. In addition to that, he had particularly large hands. These aspects meant that for him it was quite easy to give lots of spin to the balls that he delivered. In general, he was capable of performing various roles in the field, such as:

  • bowler;
  • batsman;
  • and even wicket-keeper.

All of this made Doug Ring a true all-rounder in the game. The 1xBet website has various online cricket streaming features, and they can also be used in order to watch the best all-rounders in the sport.

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