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The Rise of Software as a Service and How to Get the Best from This Process


The term SaaS (software as a service) has become a bit of a buzzword in modern business circles and, rather than simply buying in and looking for your own managed IT services that you may not need, you should first look to understand the term and what it may mean for your business.

What Is SaaS and Why Has It Become So Popular?

Yes, SaaS means software as a service, but what does this mean in real terms and how will it serve to make your business any better than it is at the moment?

Essentially it is a managed software service that you use to get the best possible software solutions for your business but only when and as you need it. It’s a pay-as-you-go instance where, if you can, you only pay for the software as and when you need it and access it all in the cloud or on the internet. It has become increasingly popular as a means for a business of any size, shape and age to be able to access and use the same software solutions that may have been in the preserve of bigger more established businesses, providing a sense of operational and technological parity.

What Your Business Should Be Looking for in SaaS

The software provider must be able to manage APIs, as you will be using several different applications or software programs that will need to be integrated and managed, preferably from a single user interface. This will provide a basket of software solutions that are all interrelated and linked, all run from the same data repository, and are all managed and accessed using the very same user interface.

The Software Solution Must Be Scalable

Even before you decide on the service provider or specific software solution, you need to know that it can handle more work. The business expects to grow and develop, and your software should be able to keep pace with you, adapting and growing to constantly meet the needs of your business. Ensure that this is one of the deciding discussions and that your SaaS provider has the potential to scale up their delivery and management of your software needs.

It Must Have Pedigree and a Strong Reputation

As a business, you don’t want to be using any unproven software. Instead, you want a proven solution that has been used and verified by others in your specific business sector. Look for reviews and recommendations that are independently written and verified before you sign on any dotted lines.

SaaS has become popular simply because it works, as long as you follow the basic suggestions in terms of how to find the best business solution that you can for your available budget, then you will be able to implement a software solution that will serve to improve how you run your business. Just make sure you choose options that have a reputation for working well.

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