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Things about human hair wigs you should know-LUVME guide of wig



Wigs are definitely one of the most worthwhile things to try in the world. Many people feel shy and uneasy before trying wigs. This is normal. Just like any woman who makes up for the first time, she always feels a little worried – will it really make me more beautiful? When you really try and learn how to use a wig, you will find that it is just another interesting and useful “cosmetic”. If you are interested in wigs, you must read this LUVME wig guide. It is taken from the novice tutorial of the American high-quality wig brand LUVME, which can help you quickly establish a correct and complete understanding of wigs.

What is human hair wig?

From the perspective of hair materials, wigs are divided into three types. The first is human hair wig. The second is animal hair wig. The third is artificial fiber wig. The price of a wig depends on the materials it uses, as well as the length and rarity of the materials. Generally speaking, the price of human hair wigs is the most expensive. Animal hair wigs take the second place. Artificial fiber wigs are the cheapest. From the practical experience, human hair wigs are the most comfortable and natural. Animal hair is not so natural because it is rough. Although the artificial fiber wig is smooth, its luster is unnatural and its service life is very limited. If you need to buy a durable and natural wig, I suggest you buy a human hair wig. It is not wrong to choose high-quality human hair wigs, such as the headband wig human hair from LUVME

Why you should buy human hair wigs

Human hair wigs are popular because of their outstanding nature. In short, human hair wigs have the following advantages:

  1. The luster of human hair wig is very natural. Whether under natural light or sunlight, the luster of human hair wigs is natural and comfortable. You don’t have to worry about its strange shine. It’s hard to see what’s wrong with your wig.
  2. The human hair wig feels very smooth and natural. The quality of the wig is good or not. You can know it by touching it. This is why many wig dealers feel the quality of wigs by touching them with their hands when negotiating business with wig factories. A good quality wig is usually soft and smooth.
  3. The service life of human hair wigs is longer. A high-quality human hair wig can be used for more than one year when the artificial fiber wig can only be used for one or two months.
  4. Human hair wigs can be dyed and permed at will. Human hair wigs, like your original hair, can achieve the desired color and shape through hair dye and curling stick. People who like to play with fashionable hair colors and shapes should buy some wigs. Of course, I don’t suggest you do that. Because any hair dyeing and perm will cause certain damage to the hair itself.

The type of human hair wigs

There are many kinds of human hair wigs. Let’s put aside the shape of the wig and focus on its category. According to the different functions of wigs, you can buy various wigs in the market.

  1. If you need a natural hairline, you should buy lace front wigs
  2. If you need to braid at any time and have high requirements for natural appearance, you should buy 360 place wigs or full place wigs
  3. If you are a sports enthusiast and need to wear a wig for sports. Then headband wig human hair is what you should try. The elastic headband of Headband wigs will provide additional stability when you exercise, so you don’t have to worry about the wig falling


The world of wigs is wonderful and diverse. I hope this article can help you buy wigs.

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