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Things to talk about with a girl over Text or In-Person


To understand how to attract a girl, it is essential for men to gain the ability to communicate with women in a way that demonstrates their desire in a relationship. It takes practise to become a good talker. For those who have difficulty finding conversation starters, we’re here to make the process easier for you.

Once you have a basic grasp of what things to speak with her, a little charm and friendliness will go a long way toward establishing a love connection. You can’t have a good relationship if you can’t start a conversation with a lady, no matter how long you’ve known her or how recently you’ve met her. So, if you and the other person don’t have anything in common to speak about, you’ll have a hard time establishing a deeper intimate connection.

Despite the fact that every woman is different, the following are some of the most certain ways to strike up a conversation with a woman. As a starting point, employ them so that you may expand out into other topics. Keep reading to learn about some tried and tested conversation starters that actually work.

Her day

Inquire about her day by asking about what happened, what she did, and how she feels today rather than the typical, “How are you?” The more she sees that you notice the minor details, the more at ease she will feel around you since she will know that you appreciate her opinion.


It’s almost hard to go wrong when discussing topics like music, movies, art, and literature. Maybe she’s seen, heard, or read it. Or maybe not! It’s very possible that the conversation will go in one of two paths. It’s possible that if she has, the two of you may strike up a discussion about it. If she hasn’t tried anything before, you may introduce her to something new. This may be a win-win scenario for both of you.


This is a simple and efficient way to get to know someone better by talking about the things they like. You may be asked a more general question, such as “what do you like?” or a more specific inquiry, such as “can you tell me more about…”.


People’s dislikes may also tell a lot about their personalities, so you shouldn’t shy away from bringing them up in conversation. It’s important to not linger on the negative aspects of the date too much, since doing so might detract from the fun of the occasion.

Her Hobbies

Hobbies If so, what are they? With this knowledge, you’ll be able to come up with suggestions for future plans customised to her interests.

Your surroundings

You should be able to make changes on the fly. The world around you might serve as a source of creative inspiration. Even if it’s a given that we should discuss the weather, it’s almost too easy (and kind of boring). Observe her and engage her in conversation; you may be amazed at how easy it is to start a more in-depth discussion.

Share Experiences

If you chat about things you’ve done in the past, it helps you get to know her better and she gets to know you better. The two of you may determine whether you’re on the same page by discussing the interesting things you’ve done with your life so far, from jobs you’ve had in the past to locations you’ve gone. After all, everything you go through shapes you into the person you are today.

Her goals

Your experiences mould you in some ways, while your aspirations shape you in others. Just because you haven’t done anything doesn’t mean that your decisions are unaffected by what you may do later. Avoid approaching the meeting like a job interview by asking her about her future plans. Instead of focusing on her qualifications for the position, you want to get to know her as a person.. Substitute any other question for the one that asks, “Where do you see yourself in the next five years?”

Take pride in her achievements

Make it apparent that you are not just interested in her future goals, but also in the things she has accomplished in the past. Let her know how proud you are of her successes and how much you appreciate her hard work.

Ask about her Family

You would want to know more about her parents. Do she have any more children to add to her brood? Does her rank or age take precedence? All of these are important questions to consider, and family is a subject that affects both men and women equally, regardless of gender.

Talk about yourself

You’re another regular topic of conversation. Even though you don’t want to talk about yourself all the time, if you’re having trouble coming up with anything to say, talk about your interests, hobbies, and experiences. It creates the idea that you are confident, and because it is clear that you already know all there is to know about yourself, it should not be too difficult for you to produce subjects of conversation. To avoid seeming pompous, just accept when it’s time to move on.

Be curious about her

Make her feel like she’s the only one in the room when you talk to her. A better discussion will result if you show an interest in her as a person rather than just as a potential date. As a result of what she says, you’ll have plenty of fodder for new questions and responses to add variety to the dialogue.

About her friend circle

When you inquire about someone’s social circle, you’re revealing how much you value the people in it and how close you are to them. The individuals she spends time with indicate a lot about her personality and the attributes she values in others.

Her best memories

Be sure to inquire about her most memorable experiences, events, or incidents in her life. Your chat will leave her feeling warm and cheerful, which will keep her enthused for the remainder of your time together.

Her personal life

What do you know about her beliefs on love? What do you know about how she feels about relationships? What do you know about her prior relationships? Determine whether or not what she wants and needs in a relationship is consistent with what you want from your own relationship by doing a questionnaire.

Favorite authors and films

Inquire about her favourite books, movies, and music, as well as what she likes to do when she has free time. Your thoughts and ideas should be shared with her, but you should also seek her perspective on the most important aspects of your life.

Her interests

Some of your common hobbies, like sports, your job, or your favourite animals, might be great conversation starters with a woman. It’s a win-win situation for both of you. When you speak about what’s important to you, she’ll find it a pleasure to listen to.

If something makes you happy or occupies your time while you’re not at work, there is no reason to keep it a secret from others.

Gen-Z Topics

School, interests and hobbies, friends and family, romance, personality, future ambitions, food and money, emotions and dreams, memories and life events and hypothetical and existential concerns may be subjects of conversation for you if you are a young person. If you’re able to improve your communication abilities at this stage, it will benefit you both in your personal and professional lives. Consider using a teen chat service to enhance your conversational abilities and overall communication style.

Her future plans

Having an open discussion about your hopes and dreams for the future is a win-win scenario. As well as making for an interesting and entertaining conversation (such as discussing about vacations), it may also help you decide whether or not your respective plans are compatible. What does she see as her ideal life? The ideal life for her includes what sort of employment, what kind of family and friends she has, and how much time does she spend doing what she loves. Another chance to see whether you and she are a good match will be this problem.

To summarise everything, don’t let it get you worked up; instead, just be yourself and begin the conversation with some direct questions that will allow it to flow in a natural way. This will make the most of the time you have together. If you are well-prepared with acceptable things to say and show an interest in what she has to say, striking up a conversation with a girl is not difficult at all. You may try an online free chat site to practise & improve your conversation skills naturally. If you have a language barrier, try some app like Duolingo that lets you master multiple languages. Trust me, there’s always a way if you are willing enough. Practice is the key when it comes to mastering the art of striking a conversation spontaneously and keeping it up like a rockstar.

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