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Tips and Tricks in Ludo Game to Win Real Money and Have Fun Doing It


It is widely believed that the popular board game Ludo game is a modified form of an old Indian game known as Pacheesi. The Ludo game has been around for quite some time. People of varying ages compete against one another in this indoor game focusing on strategy. The Ludo game stands out from other online ludo games because of its unique features and gameplay. And it’s possible because the Ludo game is considered the king of all the other ludo games. You can also earn money by playing in Ludo Game. You still need to download the game, have you? Click this link to download the top Ludo game available online, where you can compete to win prizes and make money. Before playing the Ludo game, please read the following instructions carefully.

Instructions on how to play the Ludo game, which is considered to be the best of all Ludo games Introduction:

  1. This game has room for two, three, or even four players.
  1. The game will begin with a coin toss to determine the order in which the players will take their turns. 

One roll of the dice is allotted to each participant in the game. The first player to act will be the player who rolls the highest number. As a result, the players who moved the succeeding numbers, in ascending order from highest to lowest, will play in the sequence corresponding to the numbers they rolled. If two players roll the same number simultaneously, the player who rolls the number will be allowed to play first. For instance, if player A rolled a five before player C rolled a five, then player A would go first in the game and player C would go second. It would occur if both players moved the same number, five.

  1. Random Booster: 

The computer will make a single random dice roll after the toss round. The roll number is referred to as a Random Booster, and it applies to all players. Additionally, it is stored for potential use later on in the game. If played at any moment, you can use this number to give any token an extra boost that you can use to move it. However, you can only utilize this ability once throughout the game. For example, if the system rolled a 4, then during the game, each player can use the number rolled by the system as a booster just once. If the system rolls a six, it will roll another set of dice.

  1. Choice Booster: 

Before the beginning of the game proper, each player can select one number of their choosing. This number can be used as a booster once, at any time throughout the game, to move any of the player’s tokens in any direction, according to the player’s preference.

  1. When the actual game begins, the players will be seated by the order determined during the toss round.
  1. Each player starts the game by setting all four tokens in the yard. The player must roll a six on the dice to move a token into the proper beginning square for them. If a player doesn’t receive 6, the player to their left takes their turn, and so on. A player must land on a square to play once they reach level 6.
  1. If more than one of a player’s tokens has fallen on a square, that player gets to choose which token gets moved based on their preferences and abilities. The number of spaces along the track that the players’ tokens will advance corresponds to the number that is represented by the dice. Boosters are available to players at all times throughout gameplay, and they can use them according to their abilities.
  1. The game’s objective is to guide all of the tokens to the destination square by having them go along the track through the home column. Below is a rundown of each player’s progression along the moving track. The correct number is required to move the token into the finishing square.
  1. There is never any passing allowed during the game. Players are required to advance one of their tokens every time they roll the dice. If a player does not successfully transport their token within the allotted time, they will lose one of their lives. During the game, each participant will have a total of three lives available to them. A player does not lose a life if they are unable to move during their turn; instead, the turn is passed to the following player.
  1. When it is a player’s turn, if they roll a six on the dice, they will have one additional chance to roll the dice during that particular round. If the player rolls a six again while using the extra turn provided, they will receive one more turn than originally allotted. If, on the other hand, the outcome of this roll is likewise a six, all of the previous sixes will be considered worthless, and the play will go to the next player in turn order.
  1. When advancing the tokens, if a player moves their token to a square already occupied by the opponent’s token, then the player’s token is replaced by the opponent’s token, and the latter’s token is returned to the respective owner’s yard. It happens if the player moves their token to a square already occupied by the opponent’s token. A move of this kind is commonly referred to as “killing.” Take note that it is impossible to eliminate an opponent’s token if it is located in a secure square. Safe squares allow one or more tokens from any player to be occupied without the risk of being removed from the game. The squares that are not in danger are denoted with xx.
  1. The winner of the game will be the one who gets all of its tokens to the finishing point first after moving them.

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