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Tips to Choose the Perfect Outfits for Indian Wedding


Weddings are one of the most exciting and joyful times of the year that are celebrated no less than a festival in India. Indian weddings are actually a medley of fascinating cultural traditions and celebrations. All these celebrations call you to shop for outfits that help you stand out amongst the crowd. The relatives’ side of both bride and groom come together to celebrate the union and do innumerable experiments with different traditional outfits. However, we all would also agree that the fashion scene in Indian weddings is constantly changing, and every time there’s a new offbeat partywear suit set or saree in trend.

With so many unique and edgy fashionable trends around, how can one ignore them? Also, when you have so many options, then it becomes overwhelming to choose the outfit that truly suits you and sits well with the Indian wedding vibes. Hence, to help you out, we have listed all the tips here you need to keep in mind when shopping for outfits for an Indian wedding. Always go the best Indian wedding outfit.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Indian Wedding Outfit:

Hitting The Store With Proper Research

One of the first things you need to remember is that you should have done some research before you visit the store. When you research, you clearly see what type of wedding outfit you want. The new-age brides love to experiment with newer looks and try contemporary designs. Not just the brides but the bridesmaid family members also do prior research before they finalize their outfits for the wedding. This research helps you visualize your outfit, and then you can easily pick what you like or don’t like at the store.

Comfort Over Trends

If you see the current trends, Indians are now ditching the normal lehengas and prefer basic indo-western outfits. This is also one of the reasons why you may see so many trendy contemporary designs coming up in ethnic wear outfits. In contrast, some look very eye pleasing but are not comfortable. Thus, you must choose outfits that are comfortable over their trendy look. Your visual appeal will only be useful if you find comfort in whatever you wear. Comfortable and classy is the new hang of Indian weddings.

Pick Dress According To Your Body Type

There might be a lot of styles that are popular in the market, but they need to fit your body type exactly. Women have different body shapes, and you must choose your outfit as per your body type. For example, the hourglass body type can go with any lehenga; skinny women should wear heavy fabrics like jamdani and silk. On the other hand, busty women can go with single-tone fabrics in straight fit or a-line fancy suit sets.

Invest In A Piece That You Can Restyle Later

Only some people like to wear the same piece repeatedly.  Especially when there’s always an arrival of new trends every day. So, to avoid making that ensemble dead in your wardrobe, you should experiment with it. Be mindful of the outfit you purchase for the wedding today so that in the future, you can reinvent and restyle it to make up a new outfit. When it comes to styling, there are so many ways in which you can restyle and create an eclectic modern look. Whether you wish to play with a dupatta or blouse or add a statement embroidered jacket to bring a nee fusion look to your yellow suit set, you can do it all.

Jewellery And Accessories

We all know that Indian weddings are loaded with many accessories and jewellery. When it comes down to jewellery and accessories, you have a lot of options. However, always remember to choose the right type of jewellery that compliments your wedding outfit. You can ace the look if you choose the right jewellery. Whether you go for contrasting jewellery or all matching, just ensure it goes well with your outfit. For example, don a heavy jewellery set if your dupatta and blouse are minimal and lightweight.

Plan Your Dupatta Draping Style In Advance

There are so many elegant ways in which you can drape your dupatta. Whether you are wearing a partywear suit set, lehenga or saree, it’s important to plan your dupatta style in advance. You can hang it around, wear it like a cape jacket or simply drape it like a saree, it depends on your choice. In fact, you can also research on the internet to try different draping styles before the wedding day arrives. Then, select the one that makes you feel comfortable and does not leave you in chaos.

Pay Attention To Fabric And Colour

Nowadays, wedding outfits are not limited to basic colours like red, maroon, yellow or green. Today, you can see wedding Indian outfits in pastel shades like lavender, grey, peach, and so many more. Choose the colour scheme that suits your personal taste, season and also the time of the year. You can also pick a colour combination that can create a vibe or compliments the decor. If you are a bridesmaid, you can also go for colours contrasting with the bride and groom’s outfits. Also, remember to pay attention to the fabric of every element of your outfit.


So, keep these things in mind when shopping for wedding occasions.  Whether you are a bride or bridesmaid or anyone going as a guest. Also, you must always remember that the wedding day and the festivities around that time are for fun and enjoyment. This time is memorable and extraordinary.  And look beautiful and stylish by shopping for the best outfits using our special tips.

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