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Top 5 Courses to Pursue After 12th in India


For students, class 12th is a transformative step in their lives as they come to a step closer to making great careers. But, how to select a course after class 12th is a question that makes students worried? In this modern world, various career opportunities and courses are present for students. Furthermore, they require self-examination or consulting career experts to plan a suitable career to opt for the best one. Science, Humanities, and Commerce are the three significant courses after the 12th. Each of these streams has diverse career choices for students. Go through this post to understand the prominent career options after class 12th!

What Courses to Choose After 12th in India?

Some general queries that students possess in their minds are:

  • Should I go for a popular career option?
  • Should I opt for a professional course regardless of my stream?
  • What entrance exams do I have to clear for admissions?
  • Which courses will provide excellent career opportunities?

This is one of the most challenging situations in each student’s life. First, you have to understand yourself. Suppose that;

  1. One has selected PCM, PCB, Commerce, or Arts group in 12th class. It signifies that they have opted for their interest area. So, MBBS, B.E., B.Tech, B.Sc. BDS are some of the top courses to pursue after 12th science. But, if one wants to alter their area for higher studies, they can elect different options according to their interest.
  2. A student who has an Art stream in 12th standard can go for his further studies in art, management, humanities, fashion, media, tourism, and journalism.
  3. A student with a PCB stream in the 12th class can choose his higher studies in pharmacy, medical, scientific research, and all art stream courses.
  4. A student who has a PCM stream in the 12th class can go for higher studies in pharmacy, engineering & technology, architecture, and all art group courses.

And in addition, students from any of the above fields can select their further studies in textile, management, law, fashion, library science, and social work.

To assist candidates in making the correct choice, here are the top 5 courses after the 12th class that students can pick to make their dreams come true.

Pursue These Courses After the 12th As Per Your Skills and Interests 

Medical, Engineering and Chartered Accountant (CA) are not only choices available, but many other career opportunities offered after the 12th, which must be noticed. Several students select their careers based on suggestions from their elders or parents. It is essential to prefer your educational career after class 12th as per your interests, skills, and abilities.

Alternative fields offer good chances and help candidates outshine others and may not see much competition from peers.

  1. Fashion Designing Course

Fashion designing is known as one of the most prolific career options, not only in India but in foreign too.

Candidates can opt for a fashion designing course at the UG or even at the PG level. Other than this, applicants can even choose a short-term diploma course or certificate program in fashion design.

Most academic institutes sort candidates for this stream based on a design aptitude test followed by a round of personal interviews.

To make a career in fashion designing, a student needs to have a creative and artistic personality and should possess good drawing abilities.

Students who have passed the 12th class from any stream can choose a fashion design course.

  1. National Defence Academy (NDA) Course

NDA or National Defence Academy runs one of India’s most popular entrance exams. This exam is organised for taking admissions to Navy, Army, Air Force wings, and INAC (Indian Naval Academy Course).

This exam is organised two times a year in two phases: a written exam and an SSB interview. Approximately lakhs of students appear for the exam, out of which only six hundred students are called for an interview for the personality and intelligence test.

The students who have passed or appeared for their 12th class with the PCM stream can also apply for this exam.

The eligibility for the age is 15.7 years -18.7 years all along with the beginning of the course.

  1. BBA – Travel & Tourism Management (BTTM) Course

A BTTM or Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management course is a specially designed undergraduate course for students who wish to get a degree in Tourism and Travel Management.

This is a three or four-year (based on the institute) UG course.

The students who have finished their class 12th in the commerce field are eligible for this course.

There are numerous job opportunities offered in the Travel and Tourism segment like industries related to international travel and tourism, tourism boards, etc.

  1. BSc Data Science and Analytics

Data science is an interdisciplinary stream focused on getting litigable insights from extensive primary and formative data. In contrast, data analytics focuses on processing and executing statistical research of present datasets.

The scholarly period of this course is three years. Only students who have passed their 12th class in PCM, Statistics, and Computer Science are eligible for this course.

IT companies, business consultancies, research and development firms, and data science experts are generally appointed. They are placed as a Project Manager Consultant and Data Analysts in these areas.

  1. Pilot Training Course

A pilot is an aircrew officer who manages the flying controls of an airplane. As a pilot, you have a chance to travel worldwide. There are different institutes available for pilot training in India.

Only students who have passed their 12th class with the PCM stream are eligible for this course. To get admission into a top pilot training institute, students need to score the highest numbers for clearing the entrance exams and must possess an excellent IQ, problem-solving abilities, and stay physically fit according to the aviation industry norms.

So, these were the top 5 courses after the 12th, which you can pursue to make a bright career and future ahead. Below we have discussed essential tips that you can follow if you are facing any problems in choosing your career options:

5 Significant Tips to Select the Right Course 

 Decide Your Aim 

This is one of the best methods of selecting any course. Likewise, students who have a career aim know even before class 12th what they wish to do. If you don’t have any precise aim previous to class 12th, then make it now. Having a target will show you the correct way.

Think About Your Interests 

Take into account your interests and prepare a list of your liking, i.e., the subjects you like and wish to explore in-depth. When you make a list of the subjects, you can consider the courses in those specific subjects. Create a list of 10 to 15 choices that go with your interest. Do not pull back to add subjects you have not learned in class 12th but are curious to pursue. You are required to do a little research on these subjects.

Research Your Options 

So, if you have shortlisted at least 10 to 15 options, carefully assess every option on your list. Verify facts such as course eligibility, entrance exams or admission procedure, top colleges, shortcomings, possibilities, development, salary, etc., associated with each option. You can make an advantages and disadvantages list for every course to make a better verdict.

Shortlist One More Time 

Now thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of diverse options, shortlist your choices again.

Gain Some Practical Understanding 

After shortlisting four to five choices, gain some practical understanding of the courses and career from those opting for the course or having field knowledge. Practical understanding will provide you with much clarity about the subject. For example, if you aim to become a lawyer, you can ask local lawyers about their work profile, professional requirements, etc. Ask if you can spend some time with the lawyer to get to know things very well.


Electing a career option is one of the necessary decisions in your life. A career picked by your parents or elders might not be suitable for you. So, it is significant to opt for your academic courses after the 12th as per your interests and skills.

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