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Top Copy Trading Platforms According to the trader union


For a small fee or for free, copy trading allows users to boost their trading profits by following the profile of other brokers and mimicking their trading techniques.

To automate copy trading, users of today’s copy trading platforms can subscribe to certain other traders, purchase and sell signals, and link to broker platforms.

The OctaFX.

If you’re looking for a reliable copying solution, OctaFX is yet another excellent option. Although it is not a regulated broker, it is gaining a growing number of customers. With over 1,500,000 clients, it is clear that this broker provides a safe and secure trading platform. Traders can choose between cTrader ECN, which is rapidly growing in popularity, the MT4 trading platform, which is currently the market leader, and MT5, which was its failed replacement. While OctaFX uses its own copy trading platform, all three platforms include built-in copy trading capabilities and user communities.


  • Globally well-regulated, with the Bank serving as the major regulator
  • Deep learning resources with a low required initial investment
  • Seven distinct categories of assets
  • Infinitely superior mobile trading platform
  • Very high potential for leveraging


  • Unregulated
  • Poor Choice of Assets
  • Foresight Price Indices

Fp markets was founded in 2005 and is located in Australia. One of the main draws of this broker is the access it gives you to over ten thousand different individual stocks, including those of publicly traded Hong Kong & Australian corporations. In addition to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, FP Markets provides trading in eleven stock indexes, major commodities, and sixty different FX pairs and crosses. Fp markets’ distinctive hybrid ECN/STP execution strategy means that customers may select between two execution styles: the fast ECN execution style and the “straight” execution style, which allows for wider “natural” spreads.

Analysis of the Benefits and Drawbacks of FP Markets


  • Choice of Trading Environments and Supplemental Trading Tools
  • The cost structure is quite competitive, and the choice of assets is top-notch.
  • With a leverage of up to 1:500 and a low required initial deposit,
  • Dependable due to strict oversight


  • Geographical constraints on Iress Availability
  • Copytrading on eToro: Pros and Cons

The Benefits of Using eToro’s Copytrading Service

In addition to streamlining the investment process, etoro Duplicate Trading has many other advantages, such as access to expert trading advice, a diversified portfolio, the ability to copy both short- and long-term trades, investments in the best-performing companies, and dividends for most copyists.

The function of eToro’s Copy Trading.

To put it succinctly, etoro Copytrading allows you to mimic the actions of successful traders. The following are the several procedures that make up this whole process:

  • Step one: pick a successful etro trader to emulate.
  • Invest the amount you have decided upon.
  • When you click the “Copy” button, all future etro trades will be immediately copied in real time.

Guidelines for eToro Copy Trading

  • These prerequisites must be met before you begin mimicking other traders:
  • First, eToro trader now requires a minimum investment of $200 (down from $500 for a short time).
  • Second, you can only follow 100 different traders at once on eToro.
  • The minimum amount to open a copied trade on eToro is $1 (it has been temporarily increased to $2).

Manually closing a position that you have duplicated in eToro will result in a credit to your copy amount (this is the amount you allocated to copy a trader not invested in an open position).

Positive Effects of Copy Trading

First, get training from industry leaders. You can view the profiles of some of the most proficient and successful traders that use the eToro app by visiting the CopyTrader (found by tapping “Copy People” on the Dashboard).

You can learn from each trader’s track record, and then determine whether or not to mimic their trades and strategies.

Second, avoid wasting time. You may save yourself a lot of time and effort studying the intricacies of the economic market by taking use of CopyTrader. Following the lead of a successful trader can help you sharpen your skills.

Third, portfolios can be diversified without much hassle. If you are not well-versed in the stock market or other asset classes, but are willing to simply follow and imitate the most successful traders, you can rapidly diversify your stock portfolios.

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