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Top Free Salesforce Admin Certification Practice Course


It’s fascinating to see Salesforce becoming a primary customer relationship management platform worldwide. Do you know? Over 150,000 businesses leverage Salesforce! And it has a whopping market share of 19.8% in the CRM industry. As every enterprise starts leveraging Salesforce in their regular operations, the demand for skilled admins has hiked. Companies now want to hire certified Salesforce administrators to help them manage their CRM workloads effectively.

Yes, your guess is correct! The increased demand for Salesforce admin has produced a sharp increase in people considering the Salesforce admin certification. However, getting certified is not a piece of cake! It requires extensive learning and practice to ace the exam with flying colors.

Are you planning to take the Salesforce admin certification? If yes, the upcoming checkpoint will be to enroll in a Salesforce admin certification practice course. But, Alas! You don’t want to invest much in your practice. Don’t worry! Here you will know about the best sessions and how to learn the basics of Salesforce Admin for free!

  1. Salesforce Administrator – Learn the Basics of Salesforce Admin [Simplilearn]

Simplilearn’s Salesforce Admin for Beginners training will help you advance your career by teaching you the fundamentals of Salesforce administration. This course will give you a precise idea of setting up, configuring, and managing the Sales and Service Clouds in Salesforce. By learning the essential management functions of the world’s most popular CRM

platform, you can establish your credentials in the Salesforce industry.

Enrolling in this comprehensive Salesforce course will teach you the following essential skills:

  • Configure Sales and Service
  • Manage Sales and Service
  • Implement automation
  • Debugging
  • Data validation
  • Configure user interface

It is an eleven-hour-long course that offers a completion certificate to you at the end. There are no prerequisites for this Salesforce admin fundamentals course.
Professional familiarity with Salesforce’s fundamental principles and operations, such as navigating Salesforce, data management, security, and using Sales Cloud, is advantageous. To obtain a better grasp of Salesforce, you can pursue more courses like Salesforce Platform Developer I Certification Training after completing this Salesforce admin for the beginners training program.

2. Learn Salesforce in Easy Steps [Udemy]

There are no additional eligibility criteria to begin learning this course, though having a basic understanding of HTML will aid your learning. The tutors will offer all learning and practice materials; you will not need to go anyplace else to practice what you’ve learned. All of the materials and source code are also available for download.

This Salesforce Tutorial Course is presented by a seasoned trainer and consultant who specializes in teaching people how to apply technology to real-world situations. Parikshith takes students through the building of a functional application from beginning to end in this high-impact course, emphasizing crucial technical issues as needed without depending on excessive jargon.

Here are the topics you will encounter in this learning session:

  • Introduction to Salesforce
  • Building a data model
  • Importing records
  • Sets
  • Building logic
  • Security and sharing
  • Auditing and monitoring
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Data management3. Prepare for Your Salesforce Administrator Credential by Trailhead

Preparing for your Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam with Trailhead is fun.

This 53-hour course starts with an overview of the exam so you’ll know what to expect when it’s time to take the exam. A Salesforce organization setup task follows the task. After completing the essential work, you’ll move to the first Salesforce Platform Basics module.

You’ll be expected to complete several tasks and projects as the course advances to demonstrate your understanding of the material. The class concludes with study aids and a practice test.

Even though it’s free to join, you’ll need to create a Trailhead account.

4. Free Salesforce Admin Certification Practice Course [Udemy]

This online course will teach you

the abilities you’ll need to pass exam questions and apply your knowledge as a Salesforce administrator in the professional environment, including user and organization setup.

You’ll learn about the distinction between standard and custom objects, the contact object, accounts and how to add one, Salesforce reports, analytics, dashboards, etc. While studying these lectures in this class, you will take a short quiz.

5. Learn Salesforce with Gemma Blezard

Gemma Blezard is a Salesforce MVP awarded the coveted golden hoodie. She’s a thought leader in the ecosystem with accomplishments like becoming a Technical Architect on the Salesforce platform.

Her contributions to the community through user groups and educational

tools stand high in the community.

Her most recent efforts have enabled those who have recently lost their jobs to receive free online Salesforce training from experts. Sessions occur three times a week and are accessible on-demand if your schedule does not allow them. You’ll even be given homework to ensure that you’ve learned everything to know and don’t have any gaps in your knowledge.

6. Salesforce Admin Tutorial [Intelipaat]

YouTube is still the king destination for many people when accessing free learning resources. You can find numerous high-quality Salesforce admin courses on YouTube from reputed companies. You can try them out without hesitation.

One such premium online tutorial is from Intelipaat. It’s a 1-hour course to brush up on your Salesforce admin knowledge. In this Salesforce administrator training video, you’ll learn all there is to know about Salesforce, including what it is, why we use it, its robust design, creating a developer account, and a hands-on project on how to construct apps in Salesforce.

7. Salesforce Full Course in 9 Hours [Edureka]

When accessing free Salesforce courses, we cannot ignore the comprehensive resources available on YouTube. Like Intelipaat, Edureka has a free Salesforce tutorial having 9 hours of coursework. They have a massive plan and cover everything you should know to become exam-ready in nine hours.

This Edureka Salesforce Full Course video will assist you in fully comprehending and learning Salesforce Cloud services. The Edureka tutorial is appropriate for beginners and professionals interested in learning Salesforce Cloud.


These courses are game-changing sessions for your Salesforce admin career. So, you can choose any of these tutorials, register with them, and amplify your preparation for optimum success!

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