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Top playing cards manufacturers 2022


It is believed that the usage of playing cards dates back to the 10th century, and there are hundreds of games and challenges that may be played with them. Many well-known companies have released decks of cards throughout the years, and they serve a wide range of functions, from gambling games like poker and blackjack to family games like “Go Fish” and War. The finest six decks of cards are listed below.


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Those Old-Fashioned Bicycle Cards

For many years, Bicycle Playing Cards have been universally recognised as among the best-known decks of cards in the world. In 1867, A.O. Russell, Robert J. Morgan, James M. Armstrong, and John F. Robinson Jr. established a business to manufacture them under the name “Russell, Morgan & Co.” The Cincinnati, Ohio-based firm got its start printing ads such theater and circus posters before branching out into card production in 1881 at A.O. Russell’s suggestion to challenge the Eastern Seaboard’s stranglehold on the card market.

The firm changed its name to The United States Printing Company in 1891, and only three years later, in 1894, its playing card division saw such rapid growth that it was spun out as a distinct company


Another well-known brand of playing cards, Hoyle, was created in 1927 by the Brown & Bigelow Company, a printing firm established in 1896. Edmond Hoyle (1672-1769), recognised as the “Father of Whist” and the “Father of many other card games,” is honored with the naming of this deck of cards. Because of the success of the Hoyle brand name, Brown & Bigelow changed its name to Hoyle in 1975.

Hoyle Playing Cards stand out from the crowd with its unique graphic style and intricate back design, which features a depiction of the Greek deity Poseidon perched on a clamshell and brandishing a trident. Like KEM, Hoyle was acquired by the U.S. Playing Card Company in 2001, and the latter has carried on with production of Hoyle Playing Cards ever since. The franchise now spans not only video games and PC titles, but also novels and other media.

Playing Cards With a Bee Design

Bee Playing Cards date back to the early days of card games in the United States. Bee cards were created by the New York Consolidated Card Company in 1892 and were the first playing cards to include a diamond design on the reverse. This pattern was available in both blue and red. Two years after the first firm started making Bee cards, the U.S. Playing Card Company (who also made Bicycle Cards) bought the brand. The U.S. Playing Card Company has continued to sell products under the Bee Playing Card brand name after the acquisition. Bee cards are distinguished by their “borderless backs,” in which the design on the reverse side of the card continues to the card’s borders rather than being contained inside them. The face of any partly exposed card is now readily apparent. Bee cards are better for certain types of sleight of hand because of the slight diamond design on the reverse.

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