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Top Strategies to Win Online Blackjack


Are you wondering whether there is any online blackjack strategy, or are all players fools to believe it is possible to win this online casino?

The simple answer is no. Despite what you might have been told about online Blackjack, you are not being fooled here.

If this is your first time playing an online casino, you might want to avail yourself of these amazing $100 no deposit bonus codes australia. Nonetheless, let us proceed to discuss the best and most effective blackjack strategies.

By applying these strategies, you might be able to take your next game of online blackjack aus to the next level and boost your potential chances of winning the game.

Some Basics First

Let us talk about the basics first, and we cannot stress enough the importance of this point – choosing the right online casino is key. When it comes to most online casinos, Blackjack is a staple on the market. Every gambling platform offers different versions of this game, such as American, European, and a few other options.

Now the key here is to choose not only the version you wish to play but also where you want to play it. So, before we proceed to the strategies to help you win the blackjack game, you should know that hundreds of rigged online casinos keep looking for more gullible and inexperienced players.

That said, while the house doesn’t always win – especially when you follow some of the best strategies, there are some online casinos that you just want to avoid. Period.

Some casinos operate on rigged algorithms and control systems – strategically designed to make you lose far too often. The bottom line is to be skeptical while choosing an online casino. 

Strategy # 1

You should know that the quest for the ultimate Blackjack strategy doesn’t involve some kind of magical math formula to help you win every single hand. Here comes a reality check: there are no such things as a math formula to make you win Blackjack online.

The first strategy is to never play an online blackjack game that pays six to five for a blackjack. Even online casinos have become greedier over time, and potential blackjack players have received the short end of the stick.

That said, many of the greedier online casinos are now offering blackjack tables where the payouts for blackjack hands are six to five – instead of the traditional three-to-two payout structure. If you are confused about what we are talking about, you should understand it from the following tips:

Suppose you bet 20 and get Blackjack in a game that pays through the normal payout ratio of three-to-two, then you will be looking at potential winnings worth 150% of your bet, for instance – for thirty dollars.

On the contrary, if you are playing online Blackjack on a table where blackjack payouts are six-to-five, then you only get 24 dollars in winnings.

You get the point – whatever you do – steer clear of a six-to-five online blackjack table.

Strategy #2

Proceeding to our next strategy, you will want to stay away from the insurance bet. The insurance bet exists to lead potential blackjack players astray.

You might look at it in the following way – if the Dealer’s up card is an ace – you get an opportunity to place an insurance bet.

And by the look of things, you will get something in return – even if you lose the hand. But some online blackjack casinos have something else in their mind. The insurance bet is usually worth half of your initial bet.

That said, if the dealer’s second card amounts to blackjack, you win this insurance side bet. However, the payout structure is two-to-one, meaning that it is less than the odds of the dealer getting a blackjack in the first place.

This aspect makes the entire thing a sucker bet. And even if you are playing online Blackjack for the first time, you will definitely not want to be a sucker.

Now, you get the point – you might want to do your research about the respective online casino platform first before you start playing. Also, beware of rigged online casinos that are exclusively designed to fool vulnerable players.

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