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Top Trending Bathroom Designs for 2022


When it comes to home décor, past improvements look inadequate over time. So it’s natural to feel the urge to update, regardless of the memories you’ve created in your house. Renovating your home can be as simple as improving the kitchen and powder room.

Read on to discover the top trending bathroom designs of 2022 and beyond.

Combined Bath and Shower

Interior designers are reimagining the concept of a two-in-one bathroom that combines a bath and a shower. Modern bathrooms have an oversized shower and separate bathtub with a small showerhead and drapes. This design is ideal for pragmatics who love efficiency. It also works for small and large floor spaces.

The most significant advantage of a two-in-one design is versatility. It favors every family member, as older kids and adults can use the shower while you bathe kids in the tub. Then, when guests come, they can choose between the two.

Moreover, prefabricated bath and shower combos are easy to install. Even if you purchase high-end units, you won’t pay much for the installation.

Modern Metal Finishes

Regardless of your taste, you can find a trending metal finish that adds style to your bathroom’s outlook. For instance, brass appeals to people who love the Bohemian style. On the other hand, subtle chrome finishes are suitable for individuals who like modernism.

However, the most popular choices have darker hues, mainly black and inky bronze. Many people love darker colours because they blend well with traditional and contemporary styles.

The best thing about metal finishes is you can mix them. So you can stick to more than one type. However, avoiding past trends like brushed nickel, polished brass, and various copper tones is wise since they’re no longer fashionable.

Dimmable Lighting and Smartly Lit Vanities

Nowadays, homeowners want to recreate spa-like experiences in their bathrooms. One of the perfect ways to achieve this is by installing light fixtures that allow you to control illumination in your powder room.

Dimmable lighting allows you to vary the intensity depending on your mood. For instance, when you feel tired, you can dim it to create a relaxing atmosphere. On the other hand, if you feel lively, you can set it to maximum brightness.

Hidden lighting and ceiling-embedded light fixtures are gaining popularity to spotlight vanities.

Bolder Colours and Patterns

Forward-looking bathroom designs are abandoning old-school reserved and monochromatic color schemes in favour of bolder and more pronounced palettes. Patterned tile backsplashes are becoming common, and homeowners are increasingly fixing artwork and bringing greenery to their bathrooms.

The right combination of colors and patterns can elevate a basic bathroom into a luxurious one. Similarly, a strategically positioned mural can transform the room’s atmosphere.

Bathroom Furniture

Before the pandemic, only a few bathrooms had furniture. However, spending more time indoors and the need to address mental health issues changed this, with more people installing furniture in their powder rooms.

Adding furniture allows you to relax and take more time for self-care. Examples of standard bathroom furniture pieces include side tables, vanity chairs, vintage dressers, etc.

More Slate

Slate has gained massive popularity since its introduction. It’s understandable, as many love its natural dark appearance and grainy texture. Moreover, its earthiness adds a rustic appeal to your bathroom.

The main problem with slate is its porosity, which makes it vulnerable to constant humidity. Apply varnish over it to protect it against water damage.

Wrapping Up

Modern bathroom trends mainly transform a basic powder room into a relaxing and luxurious spa. From dimming lights to bolder color pallets, the emphasis is to create a calming sanctuary that temporarily drowns your stresses by providing an immersive bathing experience.

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