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Top Ways To Wear Your Kurta This Winter


Kurtas are one of the most widely available women’s wear in ethnic categories. Moreover, it is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing and a mainstay in winter wardrobes as well. So, if you are planning on wearing a kurta in winter, then put every other thought aside and just style it beautifully. For instance, in order to achieve a tailored look, you can wear straight trousers rather than baggy pyjamas. Moreover, you can combine your cotton kurta with a woollen palazzo for winter fashion wear and create a gorgeous cotton kurta palazzo set that you can wear in winter.

Moreover, if you want to wear a kurta for a casual tailored look, such as business casual, then you can combine it with leggings. Hence, there shouldn’t be a shortage of dark-coloured leggings in your wardrobe, particularly some black ones. Furthermore, you can pair your kurta with jeans, jackets, long coats, scarves and a lot more things. During winter, you can also wear kurtas with a variety of bottoms and jackets, and they appear gorgeous. Here are a few more styling tips for your kurtas this winter.

Style the Kurta With Kimono

For the upcoming winter season, you can consider pairing your full-length kurta with a long cape or a pleated kimono to complete the look. Not only does it have a great style, but it is also very suitable for this season because of the cold weather. Adding a pair of peep-toes and an ensembled brooch or earrings to this look will complete the look perfectly. You can adopt this style for casual friend meetings, get-togethers, travel and trips, and more.

Pair it With a Denim Jacket

There is no rule in the fashion world that knee-length kurtas are out of style during the winter season. Look drop-dead gorgeous by layering your kurta with short denim or a biker jacket, and you will be able to create a trendy look by tagging your jeans underneath your kurta. Finally, make sure to finish off your look with a pair of juttis or mules. Whether you’re going shopping, to college, or to work, this outfit gives you a great look.

Add a Shawl With the Kurta

Whenever it gets chilly, you can never go wrong with a woollen shawl. Wrap a shawl around your neck and pair it with a matching kurta, printed palazzo pants, and some loafers for an amazing look. To go with most of your kurtas, you can have a few light shawls to complement them. The heavier woollen shawls look cumbersome on them, and they don’t look good wearing them. With kurtas, shawls look particularly good wrapped around the neck. Adding a bit of colour here is a good idea if the kurta-pant ensemble is entirely black, and it will also keep your neck warm.

Layer Up Your Kurta With Coat

Wearing a long black coat with a white floral kurta would be a good idea if the weather is very cold outside. If you do not want to wear this layer in the office, you can remove it when you enter the building. It is another popular way of wearing a kurta. This is a great option for those who want to keep their look more casual and relaxed and want to keep it comfortable. For more formal occasions, you can wear a kurta with a long coat.

Wear it With a Stole and a Belt

When winter comes around, it is time to wear those kurtas that you have in your wardrobe. First, don the kurta, and then add a stole to it and belt it up. If you style yourself this way, you are going to look drop-dead gorgeous. This styling method is suitable for kurtas when you are going to have a casual meet-up with friends, a party, a get-together, and much more. Adding some vintage jewellery to this look will complete the look perfectly. The next step would be to add a pair of footwear that compliments the outfit, and you would be good to go.

Put on a Scarf, Sneakers, and Socks With it

This winter season, you will not need to put your cotton kurta in a storeroom. Throw on your favourite scarf that stands out against your kurta and you’re definitely going to stand out against everybody. You can jazz up your look just by wearing a classic pair of sneakers and carrying a statement bag. Make sure to wear matching black socks or stockings with your trouser. It is a style which can be worn for a night party, outings, and even casual occasions.


This is a simple list of ways to style kurtas so that you can successfully create a winter wardrobe. So, get on the hunt for your favourite kurta ensembles for the winter season and style them the best way. Styling the kurtas this way will keep you warm while keeping you looking stylish. So, put these tips to use and make a stylish statement.

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