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Understanding the Different Types of Wood Polish & Finishes for Your Furniture


Choosing the right polish and finish for your wooden furniture will keep it looking as good as new for a long time. 

Wooden furniture adds a timeless appeal to your interiors. But for these luxurious pieces to look as good as new for years to come, you need to protect them against various types of damages. The good news is that you can increase the lifespan and preserve the lustre of your furniture by using the right type of wood polish or finish in the correct sequence as recommended on the Berger Paints’ website.

Let’s look at the different options available for this with one of the leading paint company:

Entry Level products:

Berger Paints Wood polish range starts with Berger’s Luxol Wood Varnish. Varnish is the simplest and most known wood finish or wood polish in the country. It only offers a glossy finish to your furniture. Multiple coats of the same product can be used as base coat as well as top coat to give a smooth finish. Application is usually done by cloth or brush.

After this comes Berger’s Woodkeeper 1k PU – it is similar to varnish with 2 basic differences. While varnish comes only in gloss finish, Woodkeeper 1k PU comes in both, matt as well as gloss variants. Also,  a varnish’s usage is limited to only interiors, whereas Woodkeeper 1k PU can be used for interior and exterior wooden furniture. Apart from the clear variant, Woodkeeper 1k PU also comes in bright transparent colours of Teak, Walnut and Oak Yellow. However, these stained variants are limited to interior usage only. Both Varnish and Woodkeeper 1k PU can be applied as a topcoat over an NC Sanding Sealer. If NC Sanding Sealer is used as base coat then usage of Woodkeeper 1k PU gets limited to interiors only as NC is meant for interiors not exteriors.

Premium Segment Products:

Berger’s WoodKeeper Melamine 24 Karat is a premium wood furniture polish, available in three variants. These are high-build sealer for grain filling, a matt topcoat and a gloss topcoat. The product shows excellent clarity, exhibits best-in-class gloss in its category and has very good gloss retention properties. Melamine too can only be used for interiors. Instead of using Melamine sealer as the base coat, one can use NC Sanding Sealer as base coat & apply Melamine as a top coat. In fact, the latter is a more popular method to apply Melamine in our country.

Entry level products like Varnish, 1k PU or NC Sanding Sealer can be applied by brush or cloth. But as soon as you enter the premium segment with products like Melamine, instead of cloth, one has to use spray guns for application. The benefit of using spray guns is that they give a very smooth finish.

Berger’s Rainbow Premium Polyurethane is another premium wood polish or wood finish option for both interior and exterior wood furniture. It offers both clear as well as pigmented finishes in Matt & Gloss options. Its opaque options have over 650 colour shades that can really make your furniture stand out. Like Melamine, this product too needs to be applied with a spray gun and comes in variants of White & Clear sealer, matt and gloss.

Entry Level products in Luxury category:

In the luxury wood finish and wood polish types, Berger has 2 options:

  • Imperia Breathe Easy is a water based option which can be used on both new as well as old wooden surfaces to give a rich natural finish. Under Imperia Breathe Easy, tailor made products are available for interior furniture, exterior woodworks and interior wooden floors. For interior woodwork, both clear and opaque options are available. Equipped with German Technology, the product’s interior variety can be used as a repolishing material on old furniture to give it a new look. Repolishing facility offered by Imperia Breathe Easy offers the option of recoating previously polished furniture without the requirement of stripping off the earlier polish, thereby reducing the labour component associated with repolishing. This offers an easy way of getting a new look for your favourite or heritage furniture.
  • The second one is a thinner based option called Imperia. This is the perfect choice if you need a wood polish with waterproofing properties. It is ideal for cupboards, doors, kitchen cabinets, and home windows. The finish is long-lasting and comes in gloss, semi-gloss, and matt variants.

Berger Imperia is an exterior grade PU Polish equipped with UV stabilisers to evade UV rays and maintain the non yellowing nature of the wood polish. It has plasticizers that offer an optimum balance of hardness & flexibility, is anti-microbial to resist fungal growth and has silicon additives to ensure water repellency.

Imperia offers clear as well as pigmented wood polish. Thinner based Imperia PU Polish has following products :

  1. Imperia – Clear & White – Top coat options – Matt, Semi-Gloss, Gloss & High-Gloss
  2. Imperia Grande – Clear & White – Top coat options – Matt, Semi-Gloss, HiGloss.
  3. Imperia Gold – Clear, White, Multiple Colours & Metallics – Matt, Gloss, Metallics – through Imperia Gold PU Polish, all RAL, NCS, CS colours can be obtained which are the current trends.
  4. Imperia Polyester – Limited to interior usage only, this product offers a look of a thick mirror like glass slab implanted on a flat surface along with high degree of scratch resistance & toughness with easy maintenance options.

Wood Stains for interiors is a common undercoating accessory product with which one can make ordinary wood look exquisite. It comes in shades of Teak, Walnut, Dark Walnut, Rosewood, Red Brown, Oak Yellow, Mahogany etc. In all clear polishes of Varnish, 1k PU, Melamine, Rainbow, and Imperia, wood stains can be used as undercoating to improve the aesthetics of the substrate or the furniture.

Now that you have an idea of different types of wood polish and finishes, simply call the experts for a free consultation. Berger Express Painting professionals who follow stringent safety protocols and follow a scientific approach to protect your wooden furniture and keep it looking as good as new for a long time to come.

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