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Upgrade Your Home’s Style With Davinci Island Gas Fireplace


The Davinci Island Gas Fireplace is a remarkable upgrade in its style and functionality. It remains an eye-catching masterpiece decorating your house in and out of the fireplace season. How ideal would an island gas fireplace be for you?

What is an Island Gas Fireplace?

Gas fireplaces like the DaVinci Island gas fireplace use propane or natural gas. Such is the relief from the hassle of collecting wood for kindling, lighting it, and cleaning out ashes as with a traditional fireplace. Besides gas and wood fireplaces, an electric fireplace is the third type available for domestic heating.

There are other considerations in classifying fireplaces, such as the materials used. Therefore, there are prefabricated fireplaces and masonry fireplaces too.

An island fireplace is a focal point in a room and is viewable from all directions. Often, homeowners have it custom-built as a freestanding unit, such as the DaVinci island gas fireplace, which gives an all-rounded wrap-around view as a centrepiece for a living space.

Why an Island Gas Fireplace?

An island gas fireplace has many advantages that make it worthwhile. As earlier alluded, it is clean since it does not produce ashes, smoke, and soot. Note that a gas fireplace requires cleaning but is not as arduous as a wood fireplace.

With the gas option, there is no need to collect wood or coal and have it take up additional storage space in your living area. Consider the need for a chimney to expel pollutants and smoke produced by wood, which is not required when using a gas fireplace.

Although a gas fireplace requires substantial financial investment in installation, it does not need subsequent purchases as you use it. Thus, homeowners can forget about purchasing and picking up wood, pokers, and other fireplace tools.

Furthermore, a family often spends more on wood for a wood fireplace than the utilities costs for gas annually.

Gas-lit fireplaces offer consistent heating since gas does not burn out like coal or wood. A gas fireplace can adjust the temperature by lowering or raising the flame. Considering the need for safety in a family home, especially one with children and pets, a wood fireplace poses several risks, such as air pollution, fire, and burns. The tools, too, such as pokers, are another risk if mishandled. Gas fireplaces do not give off harmful byproducts and possible allergens that could cause long-term health concerns.

Safety Measures with the Island Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces give an open flame that makes them dangerous. They also increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Installing a carbon dioxide detector at the top of the fireplace and periodic checks by a professional, especially when levels rise, counters the danger of poisoning by the fumes.

Gas fireplaces have safety measures to turn them off automatically. For the open flame, island gas fireplaces enclose the flame with tempered and heat-resistant glass. It cannot break even when exposed to temperatures as high as 250°C, protecting users from sparks. It’s also eye-catching as you view the flames in the glass panel.

Previously, the glass would heat up and cause burns when touched. However, modern, sophisticated gas fireplaces come with double-pane glass, such as the Safe Touch Glass that does not heat up and the HeatSmart feature that produces the flames feature without emitting heat.

Make a Smart Choice

The Davinci Island glass fireplace is a sophisticated and safe upgrade to boost the décor and ambience of your living space—all that while providing heating and a relaxing focal point. The flames come on to warm the heart and home and relax the mind.

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