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Video Is Necessary For Impactful Digital Marketing


Are you looking to incorporate videos into your digital marketing plan? We live in an era where competition is rampant among brands, and the implementation of digital marketing has become imperative. Entrepreneurs globally are tapping into the power of marketing to supercharge their business’s reach and appeal. When it comes to online marketing, videos perform way better than text, images and all other forms of content combined.

It should come as no surprise that 93% of marketers worldwide believe that videos can boost brand awareness to a great extent. Being one of the most profitable and versatile marketing tools, videos work like a charm for bringing brands into limelight. If you are keen to promote your business on a wider scale, videos will prove to be a great addition to your marketing toolbox. Videos that are crisp and concise tend to increase the overall viewer retention rate, thereby producing excellent outcomes in the long run. 

Thankfully, you can shorten marketing videos within minutes by leveraging a user-friendly online video trimmer that comes loaded with rich features. What’s even better is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on high-end resources for getting started with digital video marketing. A desktop and fast internet connection are all you need to make jaw-dropping videos for your brand’s digital marketing campaign. We will now list the six biggest reasons videos are vital for ensuring an impactful digital marketing strategy. 

  1. Rising demand for visual content

It is no secret that online video sharing platforms are garnering immense traction among people of all age groups. Since the demand for online videos is witnessing a huge rise, budding digital marketers have a golden opportunity at hand. The credit for the booming demand for visual content increases the number of smartphone users worldwide. No matter what your business does, it is likely that a significant portion of your target audience watches videos on smartphones.

With digital marketing videos at your disposal, you can reach out to masses dispersed across different geographies. Just make sure you choose a universal file format like MP4 so that your videos can be accessed on all types of digital devices.

  1. Help establish trust with customers

Marketers across the globe unanimously concur that trust lays the groundwork for a brand’s success. Nurturing a cordial bond with customers is essential for facilitating the long-term growth of a business. Videos that are well-edited and packed with a human touch can foster a deep connection between the brand and its target audience. For the best results, marketers should focus on providing useful information instead of sounding promotional all the time. Once customer relationships are bolstered through video marketing, the conversion rate will shoot up automatically. 

  1. Videos rank well on search engines

Another major reason businesses employ video marketing is to boost their visibility online. Very few people know that video content is a huge favourite of prominent search engines like Google and Bing. Videos whose titles and descriptions are optimised with high-traffic keywords show up on the top section of search results. The best part is that including videos in your marketing mix can help you outrank the most trending blog posts and articles of your toughest competitors. 

  1. Increase engagement levels

Videos are an excellent medium to tell stories within a limited time frame. Informative and interesting video content can engage viewers of all age groups. Given that social media sites are flooded with loads of marketing videos, you need to get your creative juices flowing for making a mark in the industry. Unlike lengthy videos that spark up the boredom, short clips are known to drive excellent engagement.

A promotional video longer than 3 minutes can do more harm than good to your digital marketing plan. 

Therefore, it is vital that you shorten the length of your marketing videos to keep your engagement levels intact. Above all, you don’t need any special editing skills to trim videos to the desired length. There are numerous video editors online that make video trimming a walk in the park.

For utmost convenience, select an online video trimmer that is wholly cloud-based and does not demand any downloads. 

  1. Generate a higher number of social shares 

There is no denying the fact that videos possess mass appeal. A recent analysis of the latest internet trends has found that 82% of web traffic in 2022 will result from video-based content. Videos that emotionally resonate with viewers encourage many social shares on platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. All the social shares from video content can turbocharge website traffic and take your brand to great heights a lot faster.

  1. Improved sales and ROI

Boosting sales and return on investment (ROI) is a supreme priority for all businesses, regardless of the industry. Given their miraculous power to engage customers, videos make it much easier for marketers to gain a competitive edge. Embedding a product or explainer video on your website’s landing page is a sure-shot way to speed up conversions. If your prime aim is to skyrocket company sales, the implementation of digital video marketing is bound to pay off big time. 


In an age where technological advancements are on the rise, businesses can’t stand out without a solid marketing strategy in place. If you want to empower your business and beat the biggest competitors in the industry, you must focus on upgrading your marketing strategy. With people consuming visual content more extensively than ever, videos are sure to pep up your marketing plan. The good news is that well-crafted video content can go a long way in aiding your marketing efforts. 

Besides amping up sales, videos can strengthen your bond with viewers and help them relate to your brand. Videos aimed at clarifying doubts and solving prevalent issues can allow for a strong personal connection with viewers. So, see to it you harness the power of video to boost the efficiency of your marketing campaign and increase conversions in a brief period.

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