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Vingo App Helps you to Get Fit, Fast


Fitness is an important aspect of everyone’s life. However, not many people give the necessary attention for the same. As a result, the obesity problem has become a real global pandemic. All over the world as much as 1+ billion people are overweight. Out of this, at least a considerable portion like 500 million are almost obese. If you are one such person, then we have good news.

Vingo, an engaging and exciting app, is creating news around the world for being able to change the lives of thousands of users. The app brings together a number of unrelated but new technologies to give a far reaching solution to the menace of obesity.

The Best Way to Tackle Obesity

Obesity is caused by a number of factors like genetics or hereditary factors, lifestyle factors like the sedentary and daily life with minimal movements. Another important factor that causes obesity is the eating and food intake practices that are not moderated. Other reasons could also range from depression, psychological problems or indiscriminate consumption of fast food and unhealthy foods. 

While the causes are many, the cure is simple. Reduction of calorie intake and addition of physical activity can easily solve the problem of being overweight. While, consumption of food is not completely an individual’s choice. It can be influenced by a number of things like personal preference, their economic state, physical location, job, country, etc. However, the act of exercising is merely the choice of the same person. So, it is important to control this. Vingo helps a lot in this regard.

Technological Intervention to Induce the Habit of Regular Exercise

The Vingo app uses technological interventions to help you form good habits. It uses a number of things like virtual reality, augmented reality, ANT+ sensors, social media, etc., to positively reinforce the good habit of exercising daily. In fact, the app even makes it easy for you to form new friendships over the digital world. 

Most people who are not able to cultivate the good habits of exercise suffer from low interest and motivation. This is why the app concentrates on making good experiences for you and incentivises daily exercise. 

This is achieved by a mixture of virtual reality and social media. Firstly, it creates a virtual world where your likeness and your image is used to create an avatar. When you move in the real world, your avatar moves in the virtual world.

Social Media for Creating a Positive Motivation

Unlike other fitness apps, the Vingo app has a gamified play scenario. So, in essence the app is a game in which your character moves when you move in real life. So, imagine you playing and exploring new locations in the virtual world by moving in the real world. Now, that is some out of the box thinking. 

No matter how interesting and engaging the game play is, our human mind gets used to it & becomes tired of it. This is why the app also allows you to play with your friends and family. This completely changes the dynamics and helps you in your fitness journey.

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