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 Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception Extra Memorable


Traditional weddings are often held in a church or at a hotel or similar. These ceremonies are special, as every wedding should be. However, the after party, or reception, is also an integral part of the day. This can be held pretty much anywhere the bride or groom desires, and there are some amazing, quirky options out there all over the world to choose from. The activities are also just as important. This is a selection of some unique options for an evening filled with cherished memories.

A Quirky Venue

The venue is the first impression, and it has to be perfect as this is where people are spending a whole evening. This is one of the hardest decisions to make with factors such as price, capacity, and decoration options all swaying the process. There are thousands upon thousands of venues around the country, but some do have that special wow factor certain brides and grooms look for. A beach or a stately home is always a relaxing, fun environment to entertain your guests, but there are also museums to pick from too. For example, any happy couple could book the space at Space Foundation Discovery Center for a really unique reception experience. There are also galleries, parks, and even stadiums to choose from too.

The Food

The food after a couple gets married is known as the wedding breakfast. It is meant to be celebrated with all your guests and is a prelude to speeches for those following a traditional wedding day format. While most people opt for a sit-down three course meal option at quaintly adorned tables, there are fun alternatives to consider to make the day feel bespoke. Why not explore some of the following:

  • A street food truck such as pizza, tacos, or curry.
  • A BBQ style casual meal.
  • A picnic complete with baskets and blankets.
  • Two options of food for each person getting married and their all-time favorite meal.
  • Actual breakfast and brunch style food.
  • A world food buffet.
  • A hog roast (or similar).

A Photo Booth

Photo booths and photo booth props remain firmly one of the most popular reception commodities. These are set up with a wedding theme, or any idea you like, and guests can use them for an hour or the whole evening. Many suppliers of 360 booth rental San Francisco provide this option as it is always a desired rental. Guests are able to take their pictures home or stick them in a memory book for the married couple.

Personalized Cocktail Menu

Mobile bars are another excellent amenity for guests at a venue, and companies that cater for weddings are extremely competitive, getting booked up quickly, especially in peak seasons. When you make inquiries, don’t forget to ask about personalized menu options. A wedding cocktail that is fully personalized for the bride or groom is a fun gimmick that will be a great photo op and hopefully taste delicious too. These can be named after the couple, or a special moment you’ve shared together. Take it one step further and create a custom label too.


End the night with a hard-to-forget firework display for you and the friends and family around you. Fireworks companies are professionals and understand how to navigate the nuances of a range of venues, so if you are concerned about noise or the residential areas, this can all be discussed beforehand.

A Live Artist

Photos are amazing and should absolutely be a part of the event; however, imagine if core moments were immortalized in paint or pencil to hang on your wall forever. A drawing or painting of your first dance would be a treasured possession, and there are artists out there who can make this a reality. They are also an entertainment source for guests too and can often provide multiple services such as caricatures or guest portraits, depending on your budget.

Carnival Games

Scatter carnival games around the area to entertain guests and keep the party running smoothly. These can be sourced online, hired, or purchased, though most people prefer to hire them as there are not many uses for them after the wedding has finished. These can be as big or as small as you like, with a coconut shy or a whole mechanical ride set up. It depends on the financial aspects, the venue space, and what you think your guests will enjoy.

Alternative Entertainment

Not everyone is into dancing, and while there will always be a place for a dancefloor at weddings, there is value in providing alternate entertainment. People are turning more and more to comedians, circus performances, dance shows, and similar to give their guests some form of entertainment factor.


Karaoke never fails to entertain, and people can opt in and out as they please. You don’t even have to hire a professional DJ to set things up, as karaoke machines are easy to purchase and intuitive to use too. Don’t forget to set up a video camera to save those precious memories.

A Handprint Mural

This is a messy idea, but every mess can be cleaned up and it is worth it for future nostalgia. Provide a paint station where guests can dip their hands in and imprint their impression on a large canvas. They then sign their name or a small message next to their handprint. The final result is taken home by the wedding party and kept in the place of a traditional guest book as a wedding day souvenir. Just make sure everyone knows where the sinks are for afterward.

Horse and Carriage Rides

Horse and carriage rides are a special source of entertainment. There are strict rules to take into account such as animal welfare and guest safety, but once that has been looked over your guests (and yourselves) can have a magical carriage round around your venue. These can also be used as transport to your venue if your budget allows.

Regardless of what you choose, the wedding will be a day and night to remember. Everything else is just a perk.

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