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What Are Mods, And Why Do They Exist?


A vape mod is a modified form of originally invented e-cigarettes. It is a modern and better version of initial vape devices. Original e-cigs looked like conventional cigarettes, but they had short battery life and the e-liquid used to run out quickly because of the small cartridges. That is why they were modified to an even better form.

Vape mods have more advanced features as compared to the disposable vapes Kits and are widely used all over the world these days.  They are a bit technical, but you will soon get a hold of them when you start using them.

You will learn about the components, purposes and types of vape mods in this blog.

E-cigarette is replacing the traditional ones.

Components of Vape Mods:

A mod also has the same components as other vape devices, but vape mods are more customisable and provide you with a more personalised experience. It has:

  • Mouthpiece
  • Atomiser
  • Control Buttons
  • Display Screen
  • Airflow Set-up
  • Battery

Vape mods have more features and are more user-friendly. They produce more vapour and flavour and are bigger and heavier than usual vapes. But, mods are more durable devices.

Advanced Features of Mods:

Mods have a lot of variations in different features. You can even customise your mod. The following features are available in an advanced and customised form:


The mouthpiece in vape mods has different shapes and sizes depending on the brand of your vape mod. It is also known as Drip Tip. The size of the mouthpiece affects the flavour and vapour production. If you are into making more clouds, you can opt for a drip tip with a bigger diameter. This way, the airflow will not be restricted, and you can enjoy producing bigger clouds.


You can choose your coil and wick material. Usually, standard wick material is used, which is cotton. There are many types of wires that can be used to make a vape coil. The resistance of each material determines which type of coil should be used in your vape mod. For example, if you want to enjoy more clouds and a dry hit, you can choose a sub-ohm coil.

Control Buttons:

Different mods have different sets of buttons and on different positions of the device. But, most commonly, power and voltage adjustment buttons are available on a vape mod.

Display Screen:

Display screens are essential for customisable mods. They show puff counts, coil resistance, wattage, voltage, and battery level. Some screens show temperature controls in the case of temperature-control mods.

Airflow Set-up:

You can adjust your vape airflow according to your preference. Airflow affects the flavour, vapour size, battery consumption and whether it will be Mouth-to-Lung or Direct-to-Lung vaping style. Various mods have airflow set-ups at different positions.


Mods have external batteries that can be recharged and replaced. Temperature-control mods use more power, so they use two batteries. Mod battery has long battery life. Since they are bigger in size, they can be used for a long time and need to be charged less often. The consumption and recharging gap of your mod battery depend upon your usage and vaping style.

Types of Mods:

Two types of vape mods are more prevalent nowadays:

  • Mechanical Mods
  • Temperature-control/ Variable Voltage Mods

You can go for whatever style and type of mod you like. Mods give you a lot of choices in terms of usage and personalisation.

Vape Mods were introduced to provide more variety and customisation to the users. Each individual can change some of the components of their mod to suit their taste. Mods are evolved devices and hence offer a better vaping experience. You can purchase them from online vape shops in the UK or any physical vape shops. Hopefully, this blog helped you grasp the concept and functions of vape mods.

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