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What are some strategies to master social science subjects?


We know that Humanities & Social Sciences is one of the major academic disciplines in today’s classrooms. We see that the field of study teaches students how history, art, music, religion as well as a culture have shaped the modern world. We see that while on one hand, Humanities center on art, music as well as literature, on the other hand, Social Sciences focuses on anthropology and archaeology. We see that is why even though the two streams are different they are often studied together as both complement each other as well. We see that a career in Humanities & Social Sciences is not traditionally considered a great career builder. We see that this is because there is a common perception that only academically weak students opt for this stream. However, we know that this is far from the truth as there are a lot of career opportunities available for Humanities & Social Sciences students right after graduation at the same time. Students therefore can use certain online platforms to learn basics such as erp full form and then master the subjects as well. We see that Social Science is a subject taught in most schools as well as colleges. We are aware that it is a combination of topics like Geography, History as well as Civics. We know that the students taking this subject must have proper knowledge about it to get good marks. We know that many students score less in Social Science due to a lack of clarity in understanding the concepts as well as topics. We see that it would help if they did not skip any difficult topic because ignoring any topic would lead to a loss of marks during exams. If they do not know that particular topic properly, it will be difficult for them to answer related questions. Thus, we know that it’s recommended to find out the difficult topics as well as then give more time to these topics during the revision too. When it comes to history we see that reading the book and preparing notes in the form of bullet points is a must. We see that this will help create a flow while writing long answers and remembering the key points. We know that the sources in the text must be read thoroughly as well. We are aware that short answered questions from sources should be practiced extensively at the same time. The timelines should be made to remember the sequence of events as well as better understand the historical process at work. They must also not try to memorize everything. We know that understanding the content will help them remember the details better at the same time. For civics, brief notes should be prepared for every chapter as well. We see that this will help them understand the important aspects of every topic as well as facilitate recalling of information while writing the answer. They must make sure not to overlook any details in the book as well and every sentence must be read carefully. We see that as the answers are lengthy, they must try to underline or highlight the key points to make the answer more comprehensible for the examiner as well. We see that an easy and effective way to memorize such portions is by visualizing them. They must read through the portion like they are reading a story. We see that while reading, they must not forget to visualize those events in their mind. We see that doing so will help you memorize it easily. Also, we know that visualized staff will be retained in memory for a longer period. We see that the story and images that they associate with the portion will help them recollect answers easily during board examinations. We see that the History topic will contain lots of important dates. By important dates, it is meant dates when wars were fought, treaties were signed, important dates related to the Indian Independence Movement as well as Birth and Death dates of important Personalities, etc. this can be remembered by proper revision as well as taking help from a Learning management system as well to keep in check the progress made.

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