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What Are the 6 ways through which you can keep your data safe as a QuickBooks Hosting user


In the past few years, cloud computing has been growing in popularity. Cloud computing is being used by the accounting industry to host QuickBooks, a popular software.

Cloud hosting is still a great option for modern businesses. However, recent data security breaches have raised concerns about its integrity. According to a survey, over We have compiled several ways by which you can keep your data safe as a QuickBooks Cloud hosting user: We’ve compiled a list of ways that you can protect your data as a QuickBooks Hosting user:

But don’t worry! It is human to err. Learning is divine. You can prevent data breaches by following the necessary steps and safe practices.

We’ve compiled a list of ways that you can protect your data as a QuickBooks Hosting user:

  1. Protect Your End-Point Access

Hosted QuickBooks solutions store your data on remote servers. These servers can be accessed via the Internet from your devices. This prevents anyone from stealing your hard drives. However, it is important to pay attention to how you manage your endpoint security.

When you are away from your desk, don’t leave your screen ON. You could be viewed by someone who has sensitive client information, or take photos.

Also, ensure that your home office end-point devices are secured and can’t be accessed with a password saved. You can also deactivate old devices you don’t use anymore.

  1. Implement Password Management Policies

Your first line of defense against unauthorised data access is a password. It is a good idea to establish guidelines for password management across the organization. Do not use personal information for your password. It could be used by someone close to you to illicitly gain access to your system.

Create a strong password that includes symbols and alphanumeric characters. Multi-factor authentication is also available for signing in. Multi-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security. Even if your primary password has been compromised, you can still protect data from unauthorised access.

  1. Invest in Quality Security Tools

Your data privacy is at stake if you don’t have top-rated security tools installed in your hosted QuickBooks environment. Your sensitive data may be compromised if they are not available. Either you can deploy the quality tools yourself, or use a trusted cloud hosting provider to host them.

Cloud providers use the most up-to-date technologies to create a unique security system. Their hosted environment is secured with modern anti-malware and antivirus software, advanced AI surveillance, and multiple software/hardware-based firewalls.

Cloud providers use an IDP (Intrusion Detection and Prevention system) to quickly detect and prevent data breaches. Network filters are used to filter out malicious IPs, and prevent hackers from launching a DDoS attack on their data servers.

  1. Do not save data locally

Hosting your QuickBooks is a way to keep your sensitive data off-premise. You may not have the security measures to protect your data on your local device. Hackers have a greater chance of accessing your data. You could also accidentally download malicious software via your email.

This can infect your system, gaining access to your files. As the saying goes, “Prevention beats cure”. Avoid saving data on local devices and keep it secure in your cloud environment.

  1. Secure Network Connection

An environment that is highly secured can withstand direct hacking attempts. What if hackers intercept your data as it travels? You must ensure that you have a secure internet connection when logging in to your hosted QuickBooks. If you have sensitive information to share, avoid public Wi-Fi.

Cybercriminals often use Wi-Fi networks that are open to the public in order to lure people into their services. Once they have gained access to your data, they can hack into your device. Use only verified sources to prevent this. You can also use a VPN. You can access your online content with greater security through a VPN.

  1. Privilege Audit Access

What happens if a member of your organization is involved with a data breach. Over 34% of businesses are affected by data breaches and privacy concerns due to insiders. Auditing and monitoring administrative access granted to executives is necessary. You must also pay attention to the permissions granted to end-users.

Hosted QuickBooks solutions can greatly control file access. If you’re not careful and allow unauthorized personnel to access your data, this could prove costly. You must make sure that you have the right administrative settings in place to meet your hierarchical requirements.


It is important to be vigilant to protect your data from theft and loss. It is important to never leave your device unprotected. Cloud solutions are more effective because your device does not store data but acts as a medium to retrieve the cloud data.

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