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What can be the Best Starting Hands in Texas Holdem Poker? 


As a poker player, you want to make every possible effort to win the game. However, you need to have a logical understanding and mathematical skills. Showing and folding your poker hands is the best strategy to win and improve your game. In Texas Holdem poker, you are more likely to draw your winning amount if the wrong cards fall on the poker table. 

As there are multiple hands in poker games, how would you determine which hand to play and fold in a specific move? To help you play online Texas Holdem poker, we have compiled a list of the best poker hands. However, your winnings depend on your skillset and pattern of playing the game.

Texas Holdem – Best Move to Start Your Game With!

If you are in the learning phase of online poker, here are a few starting hands that would help you make your best starting move: 

  • AA –  Starting your poker game with this combination (pocket aces or bullets) can be your best hand. You must be careful while playing this hand. Otherwise, only one hand remains if the move on the poker board doesn’t improve. 
  • KK – Referred to as pocket kings or cowboys, this is the second best starting hand in Holdem poker. If an Ace turns up post-flop while playing poker, you might lose your game against the opponent holding a single ace in their starting hand. 
  • QQ – It is called pocket queens or ladies and shown as the third best starting hand in poker with a winning probability of 80% pre-flop.
  • JJ – The card combination is called pocket jacks or fish hooks. Preflop, pocket jacks have a 78% chance of winning the poker game. You need to be very careful about the opponent’s move.   
  • AKs – Big sick or ace king suited is the top unmatched starting hand to begin your poker game. 
  • Ts – TNT or tension is the name given to it because owing a pair of tens of pre-flop (called tense) brings more chances of overcards for you to play.
  • AQs – It is called big chick or ace-queen, the second unmatched hand with a significant potential to win the pot. 
  • AKo – This is termed as big slick or ace king off-suits that rank high in the Texas Holdem game. This can potentially win at least 40% of the time against any poker hand (excluding aces or kings). 
  • AJs – In the poker game, the combination of ace and jack is best suited to the other hand in poker. If an opponent starts the game with this hand, play carefully. 
  • KQs – Starting your game with a king and queen is considered a strong hand, and you may make a Royal Flush.

Wrapping Up 

Online poker is an exciting game that attracts many individuals to learn and win big. Various poker hands are played on the table, and some of the best can help you win big. 

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