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What Cryptocurrency to Invest in?


While the cryptocurrency market is living through its bear trend, like in 2022 – early 2023, crypto investors are closely watching the market to track how projects behave during this downtrend. The fact is that the bear tendency helps to filter really promising and strong crypto projects from weak and unstable ones. Those weak do not survive, the strongest – remain in the market and show unbelievable growth in the perspective.

How to understand which is the best crypto to buy today? How to use a crypto price calculator? Let’s discuss these questions today.

How to Choose the Best Crypto to Buy Now?

Here are some factors to pay attention to:

  • Technology of the project. If it is valuable and actively used, the project is worth your attention; if it is only hype – you better avoid it.
  • Real use cases. If other companies use the project or if its technology is the basis for other projects, it deserves your attention.
  • The roadmap – shows the further plans Of the project and the direction of its development. It should be clearly written.
  • Partners and backers. If well-known figures in the crypto industry support the project, that is a good sign. However, you may get burned here, so you better rely on your own research.
  • Community and communication with it. It is a good sign if the project is active on its social networks, gives feedback to the community, and keeps it active and vibrant.
  • Price charts. Check out how the asset’s price reacts to different market fluctuations, what all-time high it had, and when and what happened with the market at that time. Pay attention to market capitalization and how it has changed.
  • See if the supply of coins is limited or not. A better option is a limited emission.

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency?

You should pick a reliable service for investments. For example, large crypto platforms such as WhiteBIT, Coinbase, etc. Use a crypto price calculator to buy crypto, for it is the most straightforward way. Calculators usually have two columns with the list of coins, from where you select the needed assets. Then indicate the sum you are willing to spend, and do not forget the fee. The commission varies on every different exchange, so make sure you know what fee you will be charged. The best option is WhiteBIT, for it has a fixed fee for all operations and no hidden commissions. Once the fee is paid, you receive coins in your account. That was the first step of becoming a crypto investor. To learn more, welcome to the WhiteBIT blog and cryptocurrency exchange.

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