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What do your members in webcam modeling appreciate the most about you? The answer is surprising!


What the client wants is what the client should always get, says an old saying that every business embraces. When you are working with a cam studio, this is even more important, as the satisfaction of your members is essential for your success. You want your members to be happy and to appreciate you, in order for them to stay for longer in sessions and to always come back to you.

Many online models want to know how to make their members happier. In order to find the best ways to do that, it is essential to know what your members want. So we decided to check a forum dedicated to fans of webcam modeling, in order to understand what they appreciate the most in a cam model. Keep reading this article and learn what they like to find when talking to a model!

What do your members in webcam modeling appreciate the most about you The answer is surprising

Webcam modeling: learn what your members appreciate about you

Working with a non-adult cam studio can be quite challenging, no matter the experience that a model has. What matters the most in this situation is to be able to adapt to what your members want to receive from you. There are many types of members that you may have, but there are some patterns that most of them follow whenever they are entering a session.

One user from the forum, who says that he is a big fan of webcam modeling and he enjoys talking to models, said that what he wants is someone who knows how to listen: “I like a model who looks good, naturally. But what I want from someone working in this domain is to know how to listen to me. I want to be able to discuss my feelings and vulnerabilities, and, sometimes, I just enjoy talking about how my day went.

I know that it might seem weird, and most people think that discussing with women who work in webcam modeling is all about flirting and all that. But I do not want that, I just want a woman who is empathetic and a good listener“. Another user replied to him and added: “Yes, communication is key for me too. But I think it is important to look for models who are also capable of doing the talking part very well.

I like to talk to models who are able to take a joke, but who also know how to make one. For me, humor is essential. I really appreciate that in a model. But I have to agree with you that looks are not the most important thing. On the other hand, it is preferable to talk to someone who looks nice and is a bit charming“.

Even if you find it surprising or not, it seems that being a great listener and communicator, in general, is what can make your career in webcam modeling turn into a very successful one. Go to www.Studio20.Live and join the biggest non-adult cam studio in the world! Learn from experienced models how to communicate properly with your members and start building a great career right now!

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