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What Happens During Inpatient Detox?


Inpatient treatment is the highest level of care you can receive. The intensity of this care is necessary for individuals detoxing from drug abuse. If you receive inpatient care, you will be hospitalized or admitted into a health facility for the first stage of treatment.

Detoxing safely in a controlled environment eliminates the possibility of outside distractions or breaking the commitment to recovery and using again. For a safe and successful detox, ongoing health monitoring is a necessity. Staying within the environment provided during inpatient care is also necessary, as the staff is monitoring patient health for the total duration of the visit.

Once you’ve reached out to a treatment clinic, you’ll be told to start with inpatient care and move down to outpatient. It is not recommended to detox on one’s own, as the lack of health monitoring can lead to devastating health outcomes. With the awareness that inpatient detox is the smartest option, here’s more information on what happens during an inpatient detox near me.

Search ‘inpatient detox near me’ For Local Options

Searching ‘inpatient detox near me’ will present you with options for treatment. Look for treatment centers that offer a detox protocol, therapy interventions, and group therapy. Most facilities offer structure with meals, time for relaxation, and access to staff for support.

Pack According To Facility Rules

After searching ‘inpatient detox near me’ and finalizing on a facility, you’ll be given a start date. When you arrive at the facility, your bags may be searched. For a successful detox, abstaining from materials that may interfere with recovery is essential. Look at the facility website to see which items are allowed.

Complete Medical Evaluation

You will be assessed by a medical doctor, who will collect your medical history, including your history of drug use. Further health accommodations may be included if you are struggling with underlying mental illnesses or may benefit from pharmaceutical assistance during your detox.

Begin Detox Period

Inpatient detox can be a painful experience, but the drugs must leave your system entirely. Health staff monitors the situation and ensures you’re as comfortable as possible during detox. From there, you begin the detox process, with health staff monitoring your withdrawal. When you search ‘inpatient detox near me,’ look for options that include group therapy for a recovery experience that leaves you feeling supported by others going through the same as you. You will be around others at the facility detoxing and will learn coping skills for relapse prevention.

Establish Aftercare Plan

An aftercare plan will be developed so your care team can decide how your care following detox will occur. The outpatient program may be at the facility, where you will attend therapy but go home afterward. Additional therapeutic and psychiatric interventions may be necessary, depending on your aftercare plan.

Start Your Recovery

Making the decision to get the help you need takes bravery. Take the next bold step and search for ‘inpatient detox near me’ to get started on the road to better health.

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