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What is a Low Bed Trailer and it’s Types?


Low Bed trailers are used for transporting heavy and awkwardly-shaped objects. They are typically concave, with exposed longitudinal beams and stepped frames. Their low main plane makes them ideal for carrying various construction machinery and large equipment. Moreover, they are often made of steel. Attention! There’s a fantastic deal on a 6×4 trailer for sale! Don’t miss this opportunity to grab yourself a reliable and spacious trailer for all your hauling needs.

Low bed trailers are made of steel or aluminium plates that are pressed at a specific angle. They have a low-rise body that requires special backing maneuvers to ensure safety and efficiency. The process of manufacturing a low-bed trailer includes several steps, starting with the big parts and ending with the smallest.

When purchasing a low-bed trailer, look for the following characteristics:

When buying a low bed trailer, look for a company that offers high-quality products and meets national standards. Be sure to ask to see a trailer in action before making your purchase. Visit a transportation company or construction company that sells these products, and talk to their staff about the quality and performance of the low-bed trailers. You should ask them questions regarding the features of their low-bed trailers, and don’t hesitate to find out more information online. https://chinatrucktrailergroup.com/products/low-bed-trailer/

Different Types of Low Bed Trailers

Low bed trailers are designed to transport large equipment. Low bed trailers are typically used to transport heavy tractors, buses, rail vehicles, and mining, forestry, and engineering machinery. They have a stable bed and are designed for ease of loading. Unlike conventional trailers, low bed trailers have rear ramps for easier loading.

  • 40 Tons up to 80t low loader trailer

FUDENG trailers feature a staircase design to reduce the centres height of the cargo and increase stability while in transit. Designed for heavy-duty applications, this low-bed trailer is especially suitable for countries where height restrictions are a major concern. Its staircase design also increases the load capacity by more than 20%, which is particularly useful in difficult road conditions. The low-bed trailer is also ideal for transporting RGNs (removable gooseneck).

  • 80 Ton to 120 tons low bed semi-trailers

If you want to buy a high-quality 80 Ton to 120Ton low bed semi-trailer, you have come to the right place. The 80 Ton to 120 Ton low bed semi-trailer is capable of carrying a wide range of heavy cargo. Various equipment and machinery can be transported with these trailers. A standard two-axle low bed semi-trailer can carry up to 40,000 pounds of payload, but the load capacity depends on the model and the manufacturer. Some factories build their low-bed trailers with additional axles. Others build customized low-bed trailers.

  • Detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer

The Detachable Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer is also known as a modular trailer. It is a kind of heavy-duty trailer which uses a set of hydraulic cylinders at the front gooseneck. The removable gooseneck allows you to separate the gooseneck from the trailer deck. These trailers are generally used for heavy-duty vehicle transportation. The axle normally adopts a modular axle with hydraulic steering. In addition, they have a dolly to facilitate trailer steering and share the heavy load. The designed payload for these trailers is higher than that of the other low-loader. They are also commonly used for construction sites, mining areas, and port operations.

  • Dual lane axles semi low bed trailer

Dual lane axles semi-low bed trailer is equipped with dual lane towing capability and low center of gravity. Its low center of gravity and high ground clearance allow it to haul huge loads safely. The hydraulic low bed trailer is designed to solve the problem of overloading the bed. It has multiple lines to load different kinds of equipment. Its working platform varies from 400mm to 1200mm. The axles are mounted in the center of the trailer and have a steering angle of 55 degrees. They are also equipped with pendulum axles.

  • Multiple axles low loader trailer

Multi-axle trailers come with more than one axle, and the most common is the flatbed model. Those that have more than one axle are known as modular trailers. They generally have wheels that are disposed of remotely from the steering point. These ground wheels are usually carried on bogies or springs, and their angles are slightly different. The rocker system on multi-axle trailers is a great feature for distributing weight evenly across multiple axles.

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