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What Is a No Wagering Casino Bonus And How Do You Get It?


Gamblers love gambling, that’s already known, but when it comes to free gambling, it’s a real dream for every gambler. You will often come across casinos that will offer you various bonuses to encourage you to play. In this article, we will focus exclusively on the no-wagering casino bonus, on its basics that you should know, types and how to get them. As a betting lover, I love and always look for freespins

What are no wagering casino bonuses?

If you’re new to the gambling market, it’s okay to be confused by certain terms. That is why we will explain in detail what is meant by no wagering casino bonuses. We promise it’s not complicated!

Wagering refers to gambling that requires players to invest their money to taste their luck in their favorite games. So as simple as that, just the opposite, no wagering casino is a casino that offers new players the opportunity to participate in games, with a possibility to win bonus without requiring any restrictive conditions that are otherwise mandatory when the player invests his money or with bonus money a certain number of times when it comes to withdrawing money. The welcome bonus no wagering casino bonus is a bonus that the casino will give to players who have just logged into the casino’s website.

When we say wagering we mean the fact that you have to invest both the bonus and the winnings several times so that you can withdraw funds from the account. We will present you with a simple example to help you understand better. The casino will offer you, say, a 100% bonus on a certain winning, say $100. In this case, for example, the wagering requirement can be 30k. This means that you will have to deposit $100 at least 30 times to be able to request a transfer of the received money.

When a casino gives you a no-wagering bonus, it means that they allow you to get that bonus up to the full amount. This is the time when the casino gives up its chance to return that bonus (as it tries to do when it asks you to deposit money several times).

In addition, free spins will also be offered, where you will not be asked to pay a certain amount of money to play more sessions. A frequent question that comes up is – why does the casino offer these bonuses? It’s very simple, it’s marketing. The casino wants to attract new gamblers in this way and in that way introduce them to the quality of its services and influence them to choose its games for further gambling.

History of no wagering casino bonuses

It is not out of place to familiarize yourself with how this type of bonus was created. Unfortunately, we have to point out that in the past there were problems with operators when it came to withdrawing money. When casino welcome bonuses first appeared, it was a well-known fact that operators hid their terms and regulations, which would lead to players not being able to withdraw their winnings, even the initial deposit.

Due to significant dissatisfaction and complaints, the UK Gambling Commission and the Competitions and Markets Authority have taken action to resolve this problem. In 2014, it established the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act. Thanks to this law, casinos are forced to be transparent, so that players are completely and correctly informed.

What types of no wagering casino bonuses are there?

We can single out three types of no wagering casino bonuses, which exist and attract more and more attention from interested gamblers. Each of them is different, so you should be familiar with each one to know which one will suit you best.

No wagering deposit bonus

One of the most common types of bonuses is the no-wagering deposit bonus. It refers to the fact that the player must make a certain deposit in order to get a certain number of spins for free. Depending on the number of free spins offered, the casino will ask you for a certain deposit. If more free spins are offered, they will require a larger deposit. If the situation is different and a smaller number is obtained, a more modest amount will be required.

No deposit bonus

These two types of bonuses may confuse you and you find similarities between them. This type of bonus is very attractive to gamblers because it does not require any investment. No deposit bonuses are quite rare, but when you come across them, they can bring you a really good profit, without any risk.

Wager-free casino cashback bonuses

Many casinos want to help their players to return some of the money they lost. This can be done through wager-free casino cashback. This refers to the return of a certain part of the money after a certain period. How much will be returned depends on the size of the lost sum of money.


As confusing as it may seem, we hope that we have presented you with basic information about no wagering casino bonuses, their types, and everything you need to know when you are just getting to know them. Every bonus, in whatever form, will come in handy, that’s a fact. Of course, you should be familiar with the details of each to be able to make the best use of their benefits.

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