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What is administrative work?


Operational administration in a narrower sense is the main function in operational events, which only indirectly serves the actual purpose of the operation (purchase, production, sales), ensuring smooth operation by taking care of the entire operation. On the other hand, operational management in a broader sense refers to all areas of activity within the company that does not directly belong to the production sphere, ie to the technical sphere.

Administrative work is done in part by all managers at any level, but if the organization is large enough, its staffing schedule will include administrative positions. Employees who will occupy these vacancies will perform the main part of administrative duties. The main part of them are dispatching and communication functions.

Administration includes all the processes that contribute to the planning, control, documentation, and accounting of company costs. Such commercial and administrative work and organizational activities are mainly the responsibilities of the clerk – formerly known as a clerical clerk – and the profession of commercial assistant, but also in demand graduates of various specialties, especially when it comes to positions of responsibility, such as assistant management project. Vacancies in the field of administration and assistance can be found in all industries and various departments.

The administrative staff is employees whose area of ​​activity includes the implementation of management functions or the performance of work-related to organizational management issues in technical terms.

Who are the administrative staff?

In today’s society, employment in the administrative structural service is often perceived as the initial stage of a career or as a job for first-year students, which usually does not require serious training for employment. What is meant by administrative staff? Who belongs to the appropriate category? Why? These and other equally important questions can be answered in the process of reading this article.

Despite the fact that administrative staff often means only the beginning of growth, many people build successful careers and receive professional recognition in this area. Such workers will not call this work unqualified and practically easy to perform. What are the responsibilities of the administrative service?

Administrative staff perform a number of tasks related to the organization of basic business processes. Among them are the following:

  • Record keeping.
  • Monitoring the implementation of orders and orders of the head for various departments and divisions.
  • Administrative and managerial staff are engaged in providing social, economic, and logistical services of the structure.
  • Organization and further repairs in the office if necessary.
  • Organization of relocations.
  • Administrative staff are employees who are required to liaise with operational services.
  • Interaction with landlords.
  • Organization and the further conduct of corporate events. It is important to add that in this case, the administrative staff provides only additional assistance.

It is also worth noting that this list may be specified and supplemented depending on the needs and objectives of the company.

In government organizations, the human resources department, which maintains personnel records and recruits staff, is often included in the administrative department, the case management department, and so on. However, this practice is not common for large-scale private property organizations – here the management department is an independent structure, of course, headed by the head. It is important to note that administrative staff often do not include personal assistant managers and departmental assistants. Yes, they belong, as a rule, to the staff of a particular structural unit and report to the appropriate head. Their tasks are directly to address the issues of this unit. Characterized by administrative and technical staff, a group of colleagues solves the problem of the entire organization.

It should be noted that the number of the administrative staff of the company mainly depends on its internal structure, size, and field of activity. For example, many government associations, management companies of large enterprises, or large holdings separate administrative staff into an independent department. As a rule, it is called the administrative department or general department. A department is a complex unit, the head of which organizes the administrative management of personnel and reports to the head of the company.

What are the professions of administrative staff?

Given that administrative staff is an extremely broad concept, it includes different professions of employees, depending on the current rules of internal labor regulations or other documents governing the personnel of the enterprise by category. However, most often the following professions are unambiguously referred to as administrative staff:

  • Managers All managers, without exception, from senior management to heads of individual departments are representatives of administrative staff. However, in some cases, managers may also relate to production staff, if they are also involved in direct economic activities and their work brings profit to the company.
  • Highly qualified specialists whose activities are not related to production. Chief accountants, HR staff, HR specialists, consultants, deputy managers – all these employees are almost always considered administrative staff.
  • Lawyers Lawyers can in some cases be referred to as production staff – if the company’s main task is to provide legal services to consumers. However, if the legal department works in the interests of the employer and does not provide services to third parties, it clearly refers to the administrative staff.

However, at different enterprises, the administrative staff may include all employees, except for those actually involved in the production or provision of services to employees, namely:

Repairmen and installers, system administrators, provided that they do not provide services to customers, but only to the employer.

  • Cleaners and other support staff.
  • Enterprise security.
  • Service workers do not directly offer or provide paid services to customers.
  • Managers of all areas of activity.
  • Personnel department.

Employers usually compile a general list of occupations classified as administrative staff. However, some companies use a simpler division scheme – according to the provisions of the unified qualification directories of workers and employees. Thus, the professions listed in the first directory – refer to production, and in the second – respectively, to administrative.

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