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What Relationships Are Covered Under Family Visa Dubai?


People come from all over the world in search of employment in the UAE. The rich economy here is dedicated to providing livelihood to the people within it. That is why people from all over the world come here not only by themselves but also with time; they are able to keep their families as well. Anyone can keep their family here by fulfilling the simple requirements of the Government of Dubai. Today here in this blog I will provide information about all the relationships that fall under the category of Family Visa Dubai.

Relationships under Family Visa Dubai

Here, we found six basic categories under the UAE Family visa. Let us have a detailed look:

1. Sponsor

If you are living in the UAE and would like to sponsor your spouse or children, you may qualify for a family visa. The minimum salary for the sponsor is 4000 AED, and the sponsorship must include accommodation. However, you must remember that there are different requirements for sponsoring your parents. The documents you submit will determine the amount of time it will take to process the sponsorship.

If you are applying for a UAE residence visa, you will need to provide copies of passports, marriage certificates, and medical records. The sponsor must also be employed and earn at least 8,000 AED per month. Upon approval, UAE family visa renewal will have a year residency period.

2. Dependent

If you are planning to visit Dubai for work or study, you must know the requirements to apply for a visa. This visa is designed to cover dependent relationships. It covers spouses and children who are living under the same roof. This visa is issued on a one-year residency basis and is renewed once a year.

The UAE has a liberal immigration policy. Foreign nationals may bring their spouses, children, and domestic help to Dubai as long as they meet the requirements. All family members over 18 years of age are required to undergo medical tests for Tuberculosis and HIV. In addition, same-sex marriage is not recognized in the UAE. Therefore, spouses in same-sex relationships cannot apply for visas.

3. Children

The family visa allows parents to bring their children to the UAE. Parents can sponsor children until they turn 18 years old or up to the age of 21. Sponsorship is the same as a family visa, except that a parent must have a valid UAE residence visa. Both the child visa Dubai and the parent must have at least two passport-sized photos. If the sponsor has a private-sector job, he or she can also sponsor a child if the employer provides the required documents.

A family visa UAE is valid for three years, but if a child leaves the UAE within three years, the visa expires. Sponsors must have a valid residence permit in the UAE and have insurance coverage for their children. The Family Visa Renewal Dubai must apply every six months for the child to remain in the UAE.

4. Parents

If you are a UAE resident, you can sponsor your son or daughter, if they are under 18 years of age. In addition, you can sponsor your stepchildren as long as they are under the age of 21. Parents also cover under this visa if they are your parents-in-law. You will need to prove that your son or daughter has no relatives in the UAE and that you have an annual medical insurance policy for them.

Parents have covered under family visa Dubai for expatriates. The immigration office can approve the application, provided you meet all eligibility requirements. To apply, you must provide all the required documents and pay a deposit. The immigration office will respond within two weeks. If your application approves, you must apply for a residence permit, which will issue by Empost.

5. Sons

UAE has made it easier for families to sponsor their sons for a residency visa. The new rules allow parents to sponsor sons who are at least 18 years old. Sponsorship is valid for three years. Also, apply for a Dubai family visa renewal if the son finishes school or college. Parents are required to make a one-time deposit of AED 500 per child and submit a no objection certificate from their biological parents to qualify their sons.

The UAE Cabinet recently approved major visa reforms that will make it easier for families with teenage children to remain in the country while their sons go to university and enter the workforce. The new rules allow parents to sponsor sons until they are 18 years old and are studying at an authorized university in the UAE. The UAE also allows parents to sponsor unmarried daughters indefinitely.

6. Consensual Sexual Relationships

Legal reforms in the UAE have made consensual sexual relationships outside marriage permissible. Under the law, children conceived outside marriage will be recognized and cared for. However, the couple must first marry and produce travel and identification documents. The law also prohibits sex between persons who are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

While legal definitions of consent may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, they generally mean that both partners have agreed to engage in sexual activity with each other. Consenting couples should discuss their expectations and boundaries before engaging in sex. Verbal consent is particularly helpful in establishing clear boundaries and understanding what is acceptable and not acceptable.

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