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What Should Be the Preparation Strategy for General Ability Test to Crack the NDA Exam?


The NDA exam is an annual entrance test conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). It is a highly competitive exam used to recruit Grade-A officers in the armed forces. Interested candidates must start preparing for the NDA exam as it is scheduled to take place on April 10th, 2022.

The NDA’s written portion is broken into two pieces. The first is a maths paper, whereas the second is the General Ability Test (GAT).

Candidates preparing for the NDA exam need to score well on the GAT as it carries the most marks. Find out how you can prepare for each subject in the GAT.

Subject-wise distribution of marks in the GAT

In order to attain the minimum qualifying marks in the NDA exam, applicants must understand the weightage of marks allotted for the GAT. Below is a breakdown of the same:

Subject Marks
English 200
General Knowledge 400
Total 600


English, which entails grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension, comprises one-third of the whole GAT. NDA aspirants should invest in a good grammar book, such as Wren and Martin, and solve the practice problems in it. You can also solve previous years’ question papers according to the latest NDA syllabus on BYJU’S Exam Prep.

Improving your reading comprehension is one of the most efficient strategies to raise your GAT score. As such, students should incorporate reading books and newspapers into their study plan, along with attempting mock tests.

General Knowledge (GK)

General Knowledge covers a wide variety of subjects, such as physics, chemistry, general science, social studies, geography, and current events. GK accounts for the bulk of the final score on the NDA exam, which is why students should pay close attention to it.

Let’s take a deeper look at how to study for each subject under GK:

  • Physics

Apart from solving previous years’ questions papers, NDA candidates should use class 11 and 12 NCERT textbooks to study physics. Some crucial concepts that every student must cover include Ohm’s law, fundamental electrical circuits, X-rays, simple pendulums, hydrometers, microscopes, and rudimentary notions of labour.

  • Chemistry

To ace chemistry, NDA aspirants must first understand its fundamental concepts. Revise the laws of chemical combinations and properties of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide, as well as how to generate them. Atomic structure, atomic equivalent, and molecular weights are all significant concepts.

  • General Science

The general science section of the GAT involves the origins of life, protoplasms, and tissues. Students must also be familiar with renowned scientists’ accomplishments.

Go through high school textbooks to revise science concepts such as human nutrition, plant and animal growth, and reproduction.

  • History

This section covers modern Indian history and the Freedom Movement. Again, NCERT books would be handy in studying these crucial topics. Students must also study defence issues such as factors creating the contemporary world, the American freedom struggle, communism, socialism, and democracy.

  • Geography

This section will put your physical, social, and economic geography knowledge to the test. As a result, double-check your names, latitudes, and longitudes.

Aspirants are advised to study geography from an Indian perspective. This necessitates students’ knowledge of India’s climate, mineral resources, and important marine ports.

  • Current Events

Current events are a vast and ever-changing subject. To prepare for this portion of the GAT, make a list of all the key events that happened in India and throughout the world in the last few years to achieve a good score. Discover famous persons who are involved in cultural and sports endeavours. Moreover, reading the newspaper every day can help you enhance your English vocabulary while also providing you with valuable general information.


The GAT is a tough section and requires NDA aspirants to constantly practice it. BYJU’S Exam Prep has the latest syllabus, mock tests, and more that can help you prepare for the NDA exam.

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