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What should you know to play Game Online?


Talking about so many games, one game that has made its mark in the online world is Ludo. It is a classic board game that you can enjoy both in physical form and even digital. When you play this game online, it proves to be a wonderful way to have the utmost level of fun with friends and even family, mainly when you cannot gather with your loved ones in person. So, even if you don’t know how to play this game here are quick points.

Pick the right platform 

You should pick a platform that is effective, reliable, and safe. There are diverse websites and even mobile apps that get you these games. Once you explore the options in platforms, you can choose wisely and attentively.

Create or join a specific Room

When you are signed in, you can easily create a room to play with friends or even join an existing room. In case you wish to play with friends, you would characteristically need to share a room code with them. in case you are joining a random room, you are generally assigned to a specific game with diverse players looking for opponents.

Choose the mode of the game 

Most of the online game platforms get you different game modes. These can be like:

– Classic which is a standard type of game having the classic rules.

– Quick is the mode in which the game paces faster, having shorter turns and even quicker gameplay.

– Master is the mode that might include additional rules or even challenges that make the game more complicated.

Go for the mode that suits your preferences and even your skill level.

Set up your game

Once you are in the room to start your game, you have to first choose a colour. Yes, there would be four colours for diverse players and you can pick one as per your liking. These shades can be like blue, yellow, green, and red. The order of play mostly gets decided randomly.

Overall roll the dice

In the realm of this game, players take their turns rolling a six-sided die. You can mostly roll the die by pushing a button on the screen. The number you get on your dice decides how many steps you can move ahead in the game.

Take your pieces ahead 

Once you roll your dice, you must decide which game piece you wish to move depending on the number you roll. The pieces can simply go in a circle around the game board, such as the hands of a clock. You are not allowed to keep your piece on the spot where your other piece already resides. You have to go ahead or stay behind. However, you can keep your piece in the place wherein other players’ piece is lying replacing there’s.


The point is simple, if you have ever played this game offline, you would know how to play ludo. But if you still have doubts, this post has given you much clarity. It is all about who reaches the main destination with all their pieces first wins the game.

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