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What to Do If Your Appliance Has a Problem


Do you ever have that moment when you’re staring at your new appliance, wondering what to do if it has a problem? Or maybe you just bought a high-end model, which makes you more cautious with how you use it. No matter what the case may be, many things can go wrong with an appliance. Even well-built machines can encounter failures. This is why having an appliance repair in Mississauga action plan ready before any issue occurs is always a good idea. Here are some of the common problems and how to deal with them.

Bad Smell from Your Dryer

A foul smell from your dryer is a prevalent issue. An odor can develop if moisture gets trapped in the dryer venting system. Alternatively, a blocked vent could be the culprit. This can be an issue if the vent is in the ceiling or wall. You should unplug your dryer and use a flashlight to examine the venting system. If the smell is not coming from your dryer, you should unplug it and place it outside on its door. If the smell goes away, it was likely a leak from a blocked vent inside your house.

No Sound from Your Washer or Refrigerator

No sound from your washer or refrigerator is a pervasive issue. There could be many reasons for this. It’s worth checking the power cord to ensure it is plugged in and all the appliance controls are set to the appropriate temperature. There could also be a problem with the appliance itself. If the device has recently been repaired, the parts could be slightly off. This could cause a problem with the washer or refrigerator not making noise when it should.

Control Panel Malfunction or Lights Won’t Turn On.

A malfunctioning control panel is one of the most frustrating problems you can experience with your appliance. This can be caused by too much moisture or dust inside the machine. You should always unplug your devices and clean them with a vacuum and wet/dry vacuum. Check the dials and switches on the panels to ensure they are all set correctly. You will need to contact an electrician if there is a problem with the wiring inside the wall.

Heating Element Malfunction

Heating element malfunctions are another common issue with appliances. This can be caused by lint or dust around the heating element. The heating element can also wear out due to excessive use. If your oven is not heating properly, you should unplug it and use a hair dryer to blow any lint or dust away from the element. You should unplug the appliance and inspect the element for damage if this doesn’t work. A build-up of lint or debris could cause this.

Exhaust Vent Malfunction

Exhaust vents can become blocked with dust or lint. This can cause an odor and a reduction in the appliance performance. Unplug the appliance and use a broom to remove any lint or debris. If there is also a build-up of excess moisture, this can cause the same issue. It would help if you had your venting system and your ducts inspected by a professional to prevent this in the future.

Ice Maker Malfunction or Clogged Dispenser

Ice maker malfunctions are common issues with high-end appliances, specifically those that employ a built-in ice maker. The ice maker could be damaged or blocked. You should unplug the machine, use a vacuum to remove any lint or debris from the ice maker, and then use a cotton swab to clean out any blockages from the dispenser. If there is still no ice after this, you should unplug the appliance and use a hair dryer to blow any lint away from the ice maker. You should unplug the device and inspect the unit for damage if there is still no ice. If there is no damage, the ice maker may be faulty.


An appliance can cause a lot of frustration in your life if it is not functioning as it should. It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan in case your appliances break down. Having a plan means taking care of any issues with your appliances quickly and efficiently. stylishster A malfunctioning fridge or oven can put a strain on your budget. By having an action plan ready, you can avoid this stress.

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