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When To Call A Professional Asbestos Company?


Asbestos has long been used as an insulating material for homes worldwide. Be it for protection from the scorching heat of the sun or the chilly winter nights; asbestos has been providing the ideal roofing solution for years. However, until recently, it was seen that asbestos, when it starts getting damaged from exposure to the weather or due to other artificial reasons, can release asbestos fibers. These asbestos fibers are light enough to float in the air easily and can enter a person’s lungs through breathing. Prolonged exposure to asbestos fibers can lead to diseases like lung cancer as the fibers can damage the lung tissues.

To prevent this from happening Asbestos removal, Melbourne provides experts trained in asbestos removal and safe disposal to prevent environmental damage. In this article, we will be looking at what kind of experience is required to work with asbestos and how asbestos removal is done.

You Need Experience To Work With Asbestos:

Asbestos fibers, if inhaled, can be deadly, so working with them requires special skills and equipment that ordinary people lack. In addition, asbestos removal should be done not to harm the people living in the surrounding area. As a result, even professionals avoid working with asbestos daily and take breaks between consecutive assignments.

Asbestos removal, Melbourne trains their workers extensively to use the proper gear and follow health codes during every construction or asbestos disposal process. It takes years of practice to remove asbestos properly; hence, experience is essential for working with asbestos.

Asbestos Removal Done Right


Like every technical process, the asbestos removal process can also be divided into steps performed by professionals from asbestos removal, Melbourne. The following steps are performed by a licensed asbestos removal professional daily,

  1. Planning – This phase requires proper study of where asbestos is located and the amount of asbestos present. The asbestos quality is also considered when renovation or maintenance of the asbestos is done.
  2. Personal Protection Equipment – The workers’ protection is of utmost importance as exposure to asbestos fibers can be life-threatening. Therefore, a full-body protective gear with a P2-rated respirator mask is essential for the safety of the professionals who will be removing the asbestos.
  3. Decontamination – After removing the asbestos from the building, decontaminate the place where the asbestos was present. This stage helps clear off any forms of asbestos fibers that might have stayed back. Vacuums are used to clean every last piece of asbestos and minimize dust formation.
  4. Disposal of Asbestos – After collection of asbestos, they are disposed of at licensed landfills that have been built for asbestos disposal. This helps in protecting the community from the ill effects of asbestos.


Working with asbestos is a dangerous job and should be left to the hands of professionals only. Following the health protocols and the safety measures is very important for the safe disposal of asbestos. Micro asbestos fibers floating in the air can cover long distances and harm the neighborhood, so people should be informed to keep themselves indoors before an asbestos removal process.

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